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By CM reporter – 

About The Church

City Harvest Kuala Lumpur is a well established church and increasing in popularity until this day. It is where mostly youths head to for their worship. At the beginning when it started, it started out as a small group of 20 people, but in these past few years, it managed to grow with God’s grace not only in numbers but in vast in interior as well to an average attendance of about 1800 on average on any given week. Rev. Kevin Loo began the transformation, and helped this church grow with the guidance of the Senior Pastor of the first City Harvest church that is based Singapore. The mission of City Harvest is to train people to love God with passion and equip them to love people with compassion.


Recent Talk 25/08/2012

Pastor Bill Wilson, all the way from the United States of America flew down to pay a visit to City Harvest Kuala Lumpur once again to give a talk to the youth here. He is a well-known speaker and an author of a number of books namely, Jesus Doesn’t Live in Brooklyn, The Blind Guide Chronicles, Whose Child is This?, One Eyed Kings and Christianity in the Crosshairs. He is an advocate for the poor as well as an advocate for inner city children all across the world. Born in the year 1948, in south Boston, Massachusetts, Pastor Bill Wilson is the founder and Senior Pastor of Metro Ministries, one of the largest ministries to children in America with numerous branches. He travels all around the world in efforts to raise funds for his Church and mission in Brooklyn, New York. He has been through many trials and tribulations, he had been thrown off a building, experienced malaria, yellow fever, hepatitis, and experienced having been shot in the face to name a few, however he is strong and has a strong will to serve the Lord and because of that he managed to pull through all of it.

The main significance of his sermon touches on the book of Hebrews chapter 11, where he talks about understanding history before one can understand prophecy. According to Hebrews 11:21, “By Faith Jacob, when he was a dying, blessed both the sons of Joseph; and worshipped, leaning upon the top of his staff”. Pastor Bill Wilson explained that the bible conjures up this old man who is in the process of dying and he investigated on the part of the verse where it states that “Jacob was leaning on top of his staff”. He was lucky enough to see a replica of an Old Testament staff some time ago and was told about how the staff at that time would represent a diary in our time, because the people of those times did not have paper. When something of significance happens, good or bad, the owner of the staff would take a knife and cut a symbol representing that particular circumstance and all the way through this person’s life are these marks. The staff is believed to be strong enough to last the life of the person who owns it. Only the owner however, would know what the symbols on his staff represent.

In summary about his sermon on the staff, he also talks about how Moses layed down his staff in the bible, and that meant that he was laying down his life, it was his defining moment. As Christians we must take our life and lay it down. “Asian culture says to hold on to your life as tight as you can, but because something is cultural does not mean it is spiritual”, he says. He added that, it is not your life, that one can do what they want, namely goals to have a good life, good job, enough money, education because God has a plan for all of us and when God opens a door for us it is best that all enter it. Further down the sermon, he talks about after Moses picks his staff back up and when turned into a snake. “This represents your past, the thing that your enemy is convincing you that will disqualify you” says Pastor. Moses was afraid to lay down his life because he was afraid that something hanging in his past will come back to bite him. In life, there will be something in your past that you think will come back and bite you and destroy you. But Pastor Bill Wilson says, “If you lay it down first and then, pick it up you can use your life to encourage and help and develop, use it to make a difference in somebody’s life”.

To listen to his full sermon and hear what it means when the bible says “Jacob was leaning upon the top of his staff” go to, http://chc.org.my/ and subscribe to their weekly podcast.

Pastor Bill Wilson during his visit also talked about his free internship with his ministry called metro ministries in New York. To find out more go to http://www.metroministries.org/

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