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At first glance, the setting looked like a nicely lit café where you get to order some biscotti with a nice cup of white hot cocoa. It was a beautiful start as nine couples embarked on The Marriage Course from February 15 – March 29, 2014 at the Barbara Mendu Bay Auditorium, Kuching recently.

The Marriage Course gives married couples the tools they need to build a strong and healthy marriage. While the course is based on Christian principles, the course is designed for couples with or without a Christian faith.


Caption 303
The Marriage Course setting.


According to one of the organizers, sis Nancy Dior, their team made sure they have the right setting with the right atmosphere for couples attending the course. Having been to one of the courses herself, she has experienced firsthand what was required and expected.

The Marriage Course at the auditorium is registered with Alpha Malaysia and is the only one available in Kuching at the moment. “We have to make sure that the marriage course does not clash with the same ones held in other churches,” she said. “The timing has to be determined beforehand so that when a couple misses this one, they can always join in the course at other churches.”

When asked about the décor and settings, she and other members had organized and designed the place themselves. “We need to have this kind of atmosphere for the course to work effectively,” they explained.


Caption 302
Organizers Sis Nancy Donald and sis Timah Jelimin.


“During the discussions, couples are served with food and drinks,” said sis Nancy. So far, the couples are having lots of fun and from the look at couples coming to the course, they come dressed up for the occasion.

The course runs for seven weeks and ends with a graduation dinner. Couples enjoy the sessions at a table for two setting while listening to practical talks that are informative and fun, either given live or played on DVD. The formula comprises fantastic atmosphere, romantic meal for two, practical talks, couple discussion times and no group work!

The Marriage Course is part of Alpha’s Relationship Central ministry. Their vision, along with The Marriage Preparation course, The Marriage course, The Parenting Children course, and the Parenting Teenagers course is “to see families thrive because of strong and healthy marriages and children who will make a positive impact because of good parenting role models.”


Caption 304
Some of the food served.


Founders Nicky and Sila Lee have been conducting the Marriage Course and Relationship Central over the last twenty-five years. They have developed and produced resources to help support family life through the local church. They regularly speak to thousands of guests at training events and conferences worldwide.

They are co-authors of The Marriage Book, which is based on The Marriage Preparation Course and The Marriage Course, and The Parenting Book, which is based on The Parenting Children Course and The Parenting Teenagers Course. 



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  1. Hi there, this is Amelia. I live in Kuala Lumpur with my husband. But now ,me and my husband are having difficult time of our relationship. I hope Alpha Marriage could give me a help. So can you give me some information about it please. Thank you. Amelia

  2. Do you have any programmes for single, working guys in KL or in Singapore this Year 2015..Thank you very much for your immediate response.God bless you all.Shalom!
    Sister in Christ.

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