Festival in Ipoh

By CM reporter

The Festival Of Praise Ipoh (FOPI) was held and organized by Canning Garden Methodist Church(CGMC) on our Independence Day. A first in Ipoh, FOPI had Malaysian Christian artists and Ipoh churches coming together for an exciting time of music, praise and worship.

Prayer of the nation

The event which was attended by an estimate of 450 people kicked off with bands from several local churches. The event started with a bang with opening band Infuse from Full Gospel Assembly Ipoh singing songs such as ‘Nothing is Impossible’ and ‘Oh Happy Day’. This was followed by the worship band from Full Gospel Church (Chinese), Psalmist Generation of St. Peter’s singing songs from their own album Amplified, and the host’s church worship team. The Bahasa Melayu Ministry also added to the joyous atmosphere with their traditional Batak dance number. The night carried on with Malaysian artists Juwita Suwito, Liang and Terry Yeow taking the stage and leading the people in worship.

Juwita Suwito

One of the most heart-warming moments of the FOPI took place when Juwita Suwito and Liang performed their rendition of the national anthem Negaraku, in conjunction with Malaysia’s 55th independence Day. The crowd was also led by Rev. T. Jeyakuamr, senior pastor of CGMC in a prayer for Malaysia.

According to Darren Paul Raj, Worship and Music Chairman of CGMC and main coordinator of the FOPI, preparations of the event started early in the year, with God being faithful in providing much needed contacts and equipment for the event. Raj also stated that the aim of this event was to unite the churches in Ipoh and he hopes that through this event the network of churches in Ipoh will come together united with one heart to worship and serve God.

Traditional Batak dance