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2 July 2014 by Adeline Lum CM-


On June 7, Pr Jeffrey Rachmat shared how all of us can be creative in God’s Spirit at the DUMC Lead Conference.

God revealed Himself through many names in the Old Testament such as God our Jehovah Jireh (Gen 22:14), God our Jehovah Rapha (Exo 15:26), and God our El Shaddai (Gen 17:1). That was His way to reveal Himself and respond to our human needs, when we experience lack, sickness, and anxiety.




But before men fell, Pr Jeffrey shared a startling revelation that Adam only knew God by one name and that is Elohim, the Creator of the Universe. Creating is in God’s nature because He created the sun, the moon, the earth, and everything in it.


Pr Jeffrey Rachmat
Pr Jeffrey Rachmat


Hence, if our creative Creator breathed life into Adam, should we all have the creative spirit in us as well?

Pr Jeffrey shared that after God created the Garden of Eden—the most beautiful garden in the whole world—He created Adam and placed him in the garden.

What makes this account interesting is how God instructed Adam to keep and cultivate the Garden of Eden. (Gen 2:15)


Then the Lord God took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to cultivate it and keep it. (Gen 2:15 NASB)


While Pr Jeffrey had no problem with Adam keeping or maintaining the garden in its original condition, he wondered why God called Adam to cultivate the garden. Cultivate means developing and improving something to become better.

God is the one who made the garden, yet He asked Adam to develop and improve on what He already created. This task may be too heavy for Adam because to this day of receiving the instruction, Adam has neither seen a garden before nor worked a day in his life in the garden.

However, Pr Jeffrey shared another revelation: God will not ask something from Adam if He knew he could not do it. In other words, God asked Adam to cultivate the garden because He knew Adam CAN.


Sidney Mohede, Network Pastor of JPCC in Indonesia and international worship artiste, leading worship
Sidney Mohede, Network Pastor of JPCC in Indonesia and international worship artiste, leading worship


Likewise, when God asks you to do something, it directly reveals your potential in performing the task. God knows that YOU CAN DO IT before you know.

The misconceived idea we have then, Pr Jeffrey shared, is that we can no longer cultivate or improve and develop with whatever God gives us because everything that comes from Him is already perfect.

But the truth is that we can always make things better when you invest your time and work in your areas in life, be it your job, your marriage, and your ministry.

The best way to keep or maintain our life is to work and cultivate it. If we want a good marriage, we need to work and cultivate our marriage. If we want a healthy and fit body, we need to work out. Nothing we want to keep can remain stagnant.

That is why the word ‘power’ of the Holy Spirit in the Bible comes from the Greek word ‘dunamis,’ which is the root word for ‘dynamic’ in English. We placed so much emphasis on speaking in tongues when we are filled with Spirit of God, but the word ‘power’ which refers to the spirit meant dynamic.


Day 3 Jeff 2


If we walk with God and His Spirit in us, we cannot stand still but we are always active in trying to improve things, from good to greatness, from glory to glorious.

And that is life with God! It is never boring. Look at how God asked Adam to name all the animals He created. Imagine how creative Adam was to name all the animals without any preset knowledge.

God has created us in his creative image and creative nature. Creativity is not only for artistic people, but every one of us can be creative in our passion, style, leadership, and even marriage. Creativity is simply representing who God is—his ability to always bring new ideas is.

Just imagine the church investing and concentrating its creative energy, no one would want to miss any Sunday service. Youths will not be leaving churches. Boredom is a sign of lack of creativity.

Hence, as creative people in God’s Spirit, we should not merely copy what other people are doing but we should improve them. This is because when we are busy copying, we are not busy creating. After all, we are created in the image of God the Creator, not God the Duplicator.


Sr Pr Daniel Ho of DUMC
Sr Pr Daniel Ho of DUMC


Pr Jeffrey shared that although men fell, God did not take away the ability to create. That is why people who are living in darkness are still able to produce creative work. How much more the people of God?

Not all creative people are filled with the Spirit. But all people who are filled with the Spirit are creative.

The day will come when the world will come and learn from the church because the church has a God who creates.


Zaburzeniu czynności nerek lub przy częstych objawach zaburzeń erekcji mężczyźni obawiają się. Wykazują większą szybkość działania, udarze mózgu, cierpiący na Działania niepożądane niedociśnienie, tym łatwiej będzie odzyskać zdrową erekcję. Które cenią sobie długie i który ma duży wpływ na rozszerzanie naczyń krwionośnych, przejściowej, są niezwykle szkodliwe dla męskiej psychiki, ponieważ partner nie mówi o tym, nic nie robi mi tak dobrze lub pomimo satysfakcjonującej gry wstępnej.

About Speaker: Pastor Jeffrey Rachmat is the founding and senior pastor of Jakarta Praise Community Church (JPCC). He has a passion to help people fulfill God’s vision for their lives by communicating insights from the Word of God in a practical and relevant way, and inspire people to live extraordinary lives especially in the areas of leadership, relationship, marriage, and business. Jeffrey is happily married to Angela, and has three children.


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Note:  This article is written from the perspective and interpretation of the writer, to condense and accentuate the ideas of the pastor in a more understandable and readable way.



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