Premiere of Global Worship Online Tonight

by Lim Lee Sah in Events 0

  Global Worship Malaysia, well-known for the annual Global Worship Day, is taking the initiative to launch a Global Worship Online event. The event will bring many different nations and prominent pastors and churches online [...]



One Day the Whole Earth Will Be Shaken

March 17, 2020 0

  It’s true that the coronavirus is causing upheaval around the world. Whole countries are being quarantined. Massive sports events are being cancelled. Schools are being closed. The stock markets are collapsing. But this is […]


  • The Breakthru’ Worship Community Church in Bandar Sri Permaisuri has recently released its 3rd BM worship album. Besides BM, the album also has songs in 3 other languages (English, Iban, and Dusun) to reflect the [...]

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