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Arise is happening at FGA KL from the 4th-6th of July with the objective to ‘Go, Give and Love’. 
The three day event will be centred around inspiring each and every one to reach out to 20 selected homes (such as Nursing Homes and Halfway Homes) around Klang Valley. The conference will be kicked off with a plenary session on Friday, 4th July, by Pastors Kenneth and Sandra Chin

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Aid will be provided to the selected homes through the purchase of needed day-to-day items (such as cooking oil and rice) prior to the event as well as spending time with the people at the homes through games and fellowship on the 5th of July.

Coupons will be available to parties interested to contribute to these homes either through visiting FGA KL or by e-mailing Pastor Anand Kumar at

Each coupon will state an item needed by the homes. Participants can choose how much they are willing to contribute (e.g. 1kg of rice) and will be required to purchase the goods and deliver the goods to FGA KL.

Sign up for the event here:




Saturday, 5th July, will be a power packed day filled with various activities. There will be a dance for the cause on the Saturday morning prior to heading out to the targeted communities where all participants are encouraged to join in for a time of “dancing your heart out”, in conjunction with the theme of ‘Go, Give and Love’.

The dance will be followed by community work in the afternoon till evening before participants head back for a short bazaar where all profits will be given to the needy. 

For more information about the event and dance tutorials, head over to and sign up at


ARISE Dance Tutorial


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