Generational Blessings! Release Them

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Kingdom City is located in Kuala Lumpur, it initially started out in Perth, Australia by the founders Pastor Mark and Pastor Jemima who have been married for a while and share a similar passion, and that is the passion for God and their church. The two believe in different cultures coming together as one and celebrate diversity in both their churches in Perth and in Kuala Lumpur. At the very core of it all, they are most passionate about seeing the world we live in being ‘culturalised’ by God’s world, regardless of personal culture. This can clearly be seen as one enters into the church as one will be able to see a very diverse crowd of people with different age groups ranging from children to youths to older men and women coming together to worship God. Since the church was originally founded in Australia, there are many speakers from Australia that head to Kuala Lumpur to share their stories and give sermons. It is a lively place with many friendly people. The church currently has two services on Sunday but will soon extend to three services in order to cater to their growing attendees.


Recent Talk 26/08/2012

On this fine Sunday morning, Pastor Mervin Jayaseela came down to Kuala Lumpur to give a talk. The Pastor who flew in from Perth has been involved in pastoral care and recovery ministries for the past 30 years. According to his website, he places his focus in giving out different types of seminars and training as well. The different types of seminars he gives are namely about, freedom, restoring your spirit, healing families, manhood and last but not least the man to man seminar which looks at the biblical view of male sexuality. His down to earth personality and wisdom came through his personal experience from brokenness to recovery. Having overcome that, he now has the passion to see others experience God’s restoration and healing on others as well.

In his sermon he starts out about needing to make a commitment to God because God wants to reach and speak to everyone if one is able to keep your heart open. He touches on Genesis 48:8,   “When Israel saw the sons of Joseph, he asked, “Who are these?” They are the sons God has given me, Joseph said to his father. Then Israel said, “Bring them now unto me, and I will bless them.” Pastor Mervin adds, “One of the things that we have lost in our busy and contemporary and modern society is the capacity to bless generations, to begin to bless and take the favour of God from one generation and release it to the next generation, letting it flow from generation to generation…” We have become so broken and our words are more like curses than blessing, but the day has come where God wants to restore the generations, he says. He declares and prophesizes that, that day has come!

He continued to explain the background of the word of God in this scripture by stating the story of Joseph. When Joseph was a young man, he was the favourite of his father, and because of that, he earned his brothers jealousy. It is very difficult to see a sibling loved more than you. “Favouritism has become so common nowadays, and we do not know how to love families well anymore”, says Pastor Mervin.

In the Bible, Joseph has a dream one day and he told his brothers that he dreamt that they bowed to him. The hatred started stirring within his brothers hearts and they started having murderous thoughts. According to Genesis chapter 37, Joseph’s brothers were out taking care of their fathers flock and his father says to look for his brothers to see what they are doing. As Joseph goes to his brothers, he thinks in his heart that he is looking for his family, his own, not knowing that his brothers intended to kill him. “Sometimes family is a dangerous thing, in a fallen and broken world, hurts and words have come to destroy families. The Bible is showing you the effect of fallen people, “woundedness” passing through generations and we are victims of it. We must stop it because we are given the power to reverse it,” he added and continued that in the end the brothers sold Joseph instead of killing him and Joseph ended up in slavery. Despite that however, Joseph rose up and made the best of the situation and bounced back despite tremendous rejection of his family, and why?, because he had a connection to God and Heaven. He was a dreamer and dreamed the dreams of God..

Now he added, “We would say it is bad luck and that everything’s going wrong for Joseph, but he was not grieving because, he was connected to God . In the end, he finds himself in position of authority”. In summary, the main importance of his sermon is the fact that, fathers and mothers sometimes transfer generational pain because their healing has not come. “Everything in your born again spirit must come out of your soul and on the passage between spirit and soul it passes a broken soul. “Christness” must be expressed through your thoughts and feelings. If it comes out of rejected feelings, of misplaced thoughts, it does not come out well, especially to the ones most precious to you it may come out broken. It is dangerous to give a woman or a man who is still hurting authority.” Pastor Mervin says. This is the time to stop that.

“Do not let your pain cross generations. The power of God has come upon us, that blessing can pass generations” – Pastor Mervin

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