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Bro Joshua giving to the needy

12 April 2013 by James Hoh CM –


Have you ever felt discontented with your Christian life sometimes even serving as leaders of a church?

Joshua and a group of friends who have been Christians over 30 years felt exactly that way at one time. With caring hearts, they began to search for a better way to serve and, presto, they found the answer!


Visitation and distribution of food


As recalled by Bro Joshua, the idea started when a few years back, a children home was facing space constraint as the number of children under its care was growing.

This is a prevailing social problem with more families breaking up. The social environment is very different from 20 or even 30 years ago. 

Even with both parents working, there always seems to be financially inadequate to raise a family as the cost of living keeps rising. This has resulted in strife and separation.

While the adults may just leave the home, the children became unwilling victims of the unfortunate circumstances. Hence, more children being ended up in orphanages like Samaritan Home.   

Recognizing this problem Bro Joshua, Bro Thomas and Bro Jeremiah came out with a wonderful idea: Joseph’s Store. 


Food stuff ready for distribution


“We thought instead of having parents sending their children to welfare homes, why not help them to cope with their difficulties?” said Bro Joshua.

“In this way, the children would not feel bitter and hurt. They may not feel being abandoned.  And they will have better emotional health when they stay together as a family,” he added.


Bible Student from UK- Visitation and distribution of food


“We work on the same concept Joseph had in the Old Testament. When Joseph was the Prime Minister, he stored up plenty of food for Egypt before the famine strike, so that everyone would have food,”

“A few of us bought rice, flour, sugar and canned food items, store them up in our little stores and at the end of the month, we will distribute them to the needy families.”

Anyone could be a helper or a donor in kind or cash and even those who do not bring anything could work as happy volunteers.

“Whenever we receive donations, we will purchase food items for the coming month, we want the store house to clear every month,” he said.


Walking people of out their difficulties


However, he said these food items were just enough for them not to ‘sink’.

“We are there to walk them through the difficulties and when they are more stable financially, he will inform them that Joseph’s Store will not be providing food for them anymore.












All smiles

“So far, all of them understand and are grateful for our help in times of trouble,” he said.

Bro Joshua and his team minister and distribute food to 19 families in Port Klang and Klang. These families are from different backgrounds, races and religions.

He emphasized that the mission was not to convert people although we sometimes pray or share God’s message with these families – this is what the Lord wants them to do.


Being a good Samaritan


“It is absolutely fine if some of them would like to visit the church during special events like Christmas and Easter but getting people saved wasn’t the purpose of Joseph’s Store at all,” he said.    

He wants the community to know that Christians really care without any ‘string attached’. “We are here to help as God asked us. If the Lord wants us to close down this ministry, we would gladly do so in obedience. But for now, we are truly satisfied Christians.” he added.

"Last year Nov 2012, we invited all the families (adults and children) to a gospel banquet dinner in a Hien Thiam Lo in Klang to give everyone a nice dinner cum an opportunity to listen to a gospel message. The preacher was a pastor from India. Altogether  was 14  tables." he said.

Bro Joshua said he would help those who understand this simple concept and consider starting a Joseph’s Store in their area or just thought of helping out as volunteers, please write to Bro Joshua: or Bro Thomas Goh:  

JSM was started in 2009 and this is our fifth year and without fail, we visit the poor and destitute to distribute food every month. We all obey God's words by  visiting  the poor, destitute, orphanage and widows. We encourage them and even pray for them if they allow us to pray for them. Just trust and obey.We have truly been blessed to know that it is more blessed to give than to receive. Many thanks to the anoymous donors and supporters. It is so fulfilling to know that we are the salt of the earth and the light to the world.


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