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17 Feb 2013 by Donna Uning CM-


The 2nd International Women Conference 2012 held at the Trinity Methodist Church, Kuching, brought in many familiar and new speakers to the event. The theme this year is, “The Women’s Heart,” and from Psalm 46:10, “Be still, and know that I am God.” Workshops and sessions were held concurrently by various speakers, including Evelyn Biles, Joyce Chow, Adeline Lau, and Datin Sri Garnett Ridu.


Sis. Joyce Lau (3rd right) with the team and speakers at the International Women Conference 2012, Kuching


One of the returning speakers this year is Sis. Joyce Chow, from the Anglican Diocese of Singapore. In her workshop, Discover the Victory of Total Surrender, Sis. Joyce Chow acknowledged that many women have weights in their hearts. These “weights” include unforgiveness, insecurity, guilt, grief, and pain.

She talked about surrendering her grief and loss at one point in her life. “Allow God to lead you,” she said. The rhythm of rest leads you to surrender, which means ‘change me’. Talking from Job 2: 7- 11, she reminded us that Job’s story is our story. “Catastrophic loss will transform us or destroy us,” she added that it is sorrow’s work upon our souls. Job did not blame God.  God is good all the time when we walk in surrender.

Job 42:2 & 5, is our victory cry. I know, I have heard, and I have seen. There is no evil in God, she said.

“You need to break free with the right perspectives,” said Sis. Joyce Chow. From Nahum 1:3, “The clouds are the dust of His feet.” She also reminded that if there are no clouds in our lives, we will have no faith that God is present in our lives. Joy is an attitude of victory amidst trials. “The joy of the Lord is our strength,” she said.         

“God forms the storm clouds and brings the rains,” she reminded us from Zechariah 10:1. And rain, brings food; what you lost will be restored. Jesus did not look for alternatives in Gethsemane, she said. In Matthew 26: 36-39 Jesus said, “Not my will, but Your will be done.” This brings victory in the cross. The central message of Christ is that suffering and death brings resurrection and transformation.

The Lord Jesus’ paths led Him to the tomb of His friend, the stormy sea, the garden of tears, the road to Golgotha, the agony of the cross, and the throne of the King.  Will you follow Jesus? “You choose to slow down, anchor in God’s love, and break free from illusions,” she said.

We need to embrace our loss. “Breaking free will bring you joy,” she closed. After her message, she called the women to break free and prayed over them.

Sis. Joyce Chow is the wife of Revd. Timothy Ewing-Chow, an ordained priest in the Anglican Diocese of Singapore. Her continued her passion for evangelism and developed a programme called “W.I.S.E” (Women In Social Evangelism), a training programme for women in social and friendship evangelism. She has been involved in organizing and developing soul-care and silent retreats for women across denominations which are aimed at cultivating a deeper inner life and sensitivity to the voice of God. She is also a Family Life Educator trained under the Family Resource Training Centre, Singapore. Presently, she served as a Resource Speaker on Family Life with the Ministry of Community, Youth & Sports (MCYS) in Singapore in which she addresses a wide varieties of topics from Self Esteem, Character Building, Child Raising to Social Etiquettes.

The International Women Conference 2012 was held at Trinity Methodist Church, Kuching from August 24-25, 2012. The conference was organized by Women’s Joy Fellowship and Emmanuel Baptist Church, Kuching.


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