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31 Oct 2013 by Mindy Oon CM-


These days every other person has an Ipad, an Iphone or an android. While some of the older generation may frown upon kids playing games on smartphones and tablets; let’s face it, smartphone and tablets are not going to ‘go away’ anytime soon. In fact, it will become more and more available. As it is pretty much unavoidable to not let kids mess about with smartphone and tablets, why not download apps that will point them in God’s direction? Here are a few apps that you can download for your kids.


Bible Heroes

Tried and tested on my own 2 and a half year old who is more tech savvy than I am, Bible Heroes by 4Soil tells Biblically accurate stories of Bible heroes such as Jonah, Daniel and Esther. Each story is easily absorbed and this app has an automatic reading feature that reads each page of the story in an animated way that will keep kids interested. It also includes interactive games to reinforce learning and each story ends with a closing lesson and Bible verse to highlight key Bible principles that will encourage kids to live like their Bible heroes.




The ABC’s of God

This app although only available for the iPad, is perfect for preschoolers. It Integrates letter recognition, writing, capital and lowercase letters, and word searches with Bible verses and God’s attributes. The app first has the child trace the letter and then draw the letter on his own in both lower case and capital letters. This is follow by going into God’s word to find the letter, and at the end, the child will be reminded of the attribute for the letter. The word searches are a fun way to learn about God.





The Children’s Bible

The Children’s Bible app is Biblically reliable, and it comes in Children’s Bible Games and Activities, Children’s Bible Books and Movies, and Children’s Daily Bible Prayer. While the graphics are rather old school, I have this on my Ipad for the reason that its contents are reliable, and it’s free! Available for Ipad, Iphone and android, it’s an app that that makes talking about Jesus with your kids easy.




The Beginner’s Bible

This app is suitable for children 2 to 6, and it has coloring pages, games and puzzles. The full package has 94 Bible stories that is brought to life with narration, music and sound effects that is engaging and interactive, but you do have to buy it. However, the first story pack is FREE, and you can try it out with your kids to see if they like it before buying the other packs.

Let’s use technology to bring our kids closer to God! 




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