Jesus Christ is Coming Back Soon…So Back to Basics Everyone!


11 February 2020 by John Chandra –


If Jesus is who He says He is – ‘the Almighty’ – then why are there still billions of people on this planet who still reject Him as their God? If He is really worthy of our praises, adoration, and total submission, then why are there so many compromises in the churches; both in adding, twisting or  removing of ‘Holy Scriptures’ in order to suit their own carnal worldly desires instead of being led by the Spirit of God to do great exploits?

The ‘Book of Acts’ saw great men and women of faith who gave up everything; their culture, their finances, their property and even their lives for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ; performing uncountable ‘life and death’ miracles, but why can’t current professing Christians do what our ancestors did two millenniums ago? What’s the difference between them and us? Why was their passion burning brightly like the sun on a hot summer day while ours are like withering leaves of autumn breeze?

What actually drove thousands of sane ‘old testament’ Jews and gentiles into fanatical, miracle-wielding ‘new testament’ Christians? What sudden tenacity flooded the hearts of these ‘born again Christians’ to view the things of this world as temporal while we, in the 21st century pride ourselves with any glittering gems of philosophy and tradition just to ‘blend in’ with everyone else in this age of technological wonders?


Pr Samuel Ramesh


Pastor Samuel Ramesh is one such soul; a man after God’s own heart who tries to walk with God every moment of his life; is among the ‘7000’ that God is keeping for himself in this ‘final hour’, who yearns to know what our ‘ancestors’ knew to be true or false, rightly dividing the ‘word of truth’ by going back to the basics of Christianity; especially the ‘reading of the scriptures’ in its native language; the ‘old testament’ Hebrew and the ‘new testament’ Greek. His quest for the ‘real heavenly truth’ has set him on a journey of faith like no other scholars before him; to comprehend the Bible’s implicit interpretation by the miraculous Spirit of God for the benefit of all the children of God.


With Pr Sam Ramesh


‘Sam’ as his dear friends call him, hails from Penang; a land flowing with exponentially exquisite delicacies and spectacular landscapes that attracted ardent foodies to the island and its surroundings like ‘ants to sugar’ or ‘bees to honey.’ There was never a dull moment for Sam; being born into a humble family of six boisterous siblings in the 1960s which kept him grounded with a ‘sense of responsibility’; a quality his highly beloved ‘disciplinarian’ father had instilled into him from a young age. Nevertheless, his love for God knows no bounds as his heart dearly loves all man; preaching to anyone and everyone who wants to listen to the gospel, even on the streets…a true disciple of Jesus Christ!



However, Sam’s simple million-dollar question, “How can I preach the daring truth of the gospel to every nation if I am only scratching the surface of the Bible?” would definitely bring any preacher with a common sense the size of ‘mustard seed’ to their knees in humility, desiring God for a fresh new revelation of His word every day; firstly for their own sake and also for the sake of others. Therefore, deep questions on certain biblical narrative and figurative compositions have aroused Sam’s interest in the Bible’s native language for a ‘rhematic’ clarity on the subject matter of who is ‘I AM?’ and ‘who am I?’


Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves;

but our sufficiency is of God;

Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament;

not of the letter, but of the spirit:

for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.

– 2 Corinthians 3:5-6


Therefore, by the grace of God, going back to basics by the spirit of God is crucial to finding out the ‘spiritual’ or ‘heavenly’ answers in the original native language of the Bible. This may bring to light many new revelations from God to ‘iron out the kinks’ that in the past have corroded our understanding to an ‘earthly’ level but now may further edify the body of Christ. Finally, be ready, be holy and remain in Jesus! He is coming back soon!



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