How the New Christian Left Is Twisting the Gospel

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Peek behind the curtain of some “progressive” or “hip” evangelical churches, past the savvy technology and secular music, and you will find more than just a contemporary worship service. You’ll find faith leaders encouraging young evangelicals to trade in their Christian convictions for a gospel filled with compromise. They’re slowly attempting to give evangelicalism an “update”—and the change is not for the good.

It’s painful for me to admit, but we can no longer rest carefree in our evangelical identity—because it is changing. No doubt you have seen the headlines declaring that evangelicalism is doomed because evangelical kids are leaving the faith. It is no secret that there is an expanding gulf between traditional Christian teachings and contemporary moral values. But the sad truth is that the ideological gulf between America’s evangelical grown-ups and their kids, aka the “millennials,” seems to be widening too.

Somehow the blame for this chasm is being heaped on traditional churches. They are accused of having too many rules as well as being homophobic and bigoted. Yes, we’ve heard those false claims from popular culture in its desperate attempt to keep Christianity imprisoned within the sanctuary walls. But now popular culture is being aided by Christ-professing bedfellows whose message to “coexist,” “tolerate” and “keep out of it” is more marketable to the rising generation of evangelicals.


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  1. It is not surprising to see some leaving their faith, though it is discouraging and sad to see that happening. This is because traditional churches and conservative Christians, in hope not to compromise gospel, tend to fall into a legalistic routine that can put off many young people. First of all, recall that we, including myself, had nothing to offer to God but our sins and that through grace and faith, we are saved that we now have relationship with our Heavenly Father through Christ. With this in mind, traditional churches and conservatives should step away from legalistic dos and don’ts and focus on the love for others as Christ love us. Note that we are all sinners to begin with and all has fall short (Roman 3:23). Loving others means that if you meet a homosexual, you don’t have to judge the person, but love the person as Christ love the person as well and hope he/ she will repent. Millennials are given an image where to accept a homosexual is an act of compromise of the gospel. If accepting a sinner is an act of compromise, then would Christ died on the cross for your sins when you were still sinners? (Roman 5:8). Recall that we are “forgiven sinners” (1John1:9), saved by grace (Ephesian 2:8-9) and called to “love” (Matthew 22:38-39).

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