July 23, 2017 Dr Lim Poh Ann 1

  Are we prepared for the greatest wedding feast of all?     Metaphors and imagery are being used in the Bible to portray man’s relationship with God. For example, we are like sheep to […]


April 30, 2017 Dr Lim Poh Ann 0

  Why we need to be watchful and prepared during these perilous times   How often do you hear messages that warn? More often than not, believers are fed a steady stream of comforting messages […]

Growing in Grace

April 16, 2017 Dr Lim Poh Ann 0

  Receiving God’s grace is merely the first step in the life of a believer. The difficult part is to continue growing, keeping ourselves under God’s favour and impacting the world.           […]


April 9, 2017 Dr Lim Poh Ann 0

  The fact that life can be so transient and uncertain should force us to reassess how we live our lives on earth     Recently, a 70-year-old man felt dizzy and weak on one […]

The Best Awaits The Faithful

September 25, 2016 Dr Lim Poh Ann 0

  The best awaits those who choose the unseen and intangible over the seen and tangible     For true believers, the best is yet to come. The path of the righteous is like the light […]

Use It or Lose It

September 16, 2015 Kim Yung 0

  It seems a little harsh – to say you should utilise your talent or face losing it. The reality is, you risk losing anything in this life that you take for granted, even when […]

Faithful To Our Calling

June 28, 2015 Lim Poh Ann 0

  Findings by researchers on church growth show that only 20% of churchgoers have found their gifting and place in the Body of Christ. The rest, about 80%, are merely passive Sunday worshippers. Which category […]

Pointers For The New Year

January 4, 2015 Jason Law 0

4 Jan 2015 by Kim Yung CM –   We grow a little weary as time flies by a little quicker each passing year. We experience the ups and downs that come with time. Nevertheless […]

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