Did Pastor Joseph Prince Prophesy the Spread of COVID 19?


Joseph Prince, reportedly one of the most popular pastors in Singapore, and Head Pastor of the New Creation Church, allegedly predicted the spread of COVID-19, or the Wuhan coronavirus two years ago.

In a recent video sermon that he shared across his social media, website, and YouTube account, Pastor Joseph Prince of the New Creation Church said that he had predicted the rise of the Wuhan coronavirus in 2018.

Take a look at the particular sermons he was talking about here:



According to the video above, Pastor Joseph said that he mentioned the coming of a virus in his July 2018 sermon.

His July 2018 sermon featured a clip where he said that the devil was allegedly working on a flu or a virus that would spread everywhere. Joseph said that the devil was reportedly developing a virus like Ebola or a new flu virus.

He also went further to say that he predicted that the flu-like virus would be resistant to medical science and would be difficult to deal with internationally.

The rest of sermon is devoted to saying how he thinks that God would protect the members of his church from the Wuhan coronavirus and other problems in their lives.


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