Doe Jones, Live in KL


Set aside JUNE 12 and invite your friends to come to hear Dominique Jones. She is a passionate and gifted singer, songwriter and musician from Shreveport Louisiana, nominated for 2 Grammy awards! Catch her live at KLBC (9:30am) during their Sunday Worship Service or Desa ParkCity (7:30pm) for an evening concert.

The second daughter of Dewitt Jones III and Kim Jones of Forever Jones, Dominique is now going solo in her career as a gospel singer. 


Ever since she can recall, Dominique has been surrounded by music. Having developed a love for the piano at a young age, Dominique (nicknamed Doe) spent much of her time watching her uncles and musical family-friend musicians play. While most 12 year olds were being pushed towards sports, Dominique was encouraged by her parents to lead worship at their church. “I remember my parents went out of town, and just before they left they said, ‘Oh yea, and you’re going to lead worship’ and I cried and cried and cried, and begged them to pick someone else. I told them I was too young, and they pretty much turned a deaf ear. However, in hindsight, I can see God’s preparation in every step I was forced to take towards leading worship”. After moving to Shreveport, Dominique became heavily involved in the worship ministry at their church, and soon became the youth worship leader and led for 5 years. In 2010 foreverJONES began their musical journey as signed artists. Even after traveling to multiple cities, and singing on multiple stages across the U.S., Doe has yet to rid herself of pre-show gitters. In a recent interview with journalist KLJ, Doe says, “I kind of feel like the apprehension and nerves are what bring me back to earth before every performance. I realize that I am human and do not want to EVER be on stage without the main attraction, Jesus Christ.”




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