A Home With A Vision For Their Children

As I asked the children whether I could take a picture of them, some smiled eagerly while others shied away. Others carried on playing, doing what children do when there is space to run around. I could see that they were happy and well taken care of. This is my first visit to Vision Home.

Vision Home for children was first established in Sitiawan in 1998. As the home grew and children grew, a second home was started in Ipoh soon after. Founded by Rev Daniel Velloo from Word of Life Centre Ipoh, Vision home is now home for 50 children, with 6 full time staff to care for them.

Vision Home for Children

According to Rev Daniel Velloo, “the children at Vision Home come from broken homes in which one or both the parents have left and/or poor households in the villages and estates that are in terrible condition. As Christians, we should not only preach the gospel but as the Bible  says, feed the poor and hungry, provide shelter, care for the orphans and widows. Therefore, we should also meet the needs of the community. These people are very special to the Lord.”

“The staff at Vision Home are born again Christians who see what they are doing as a ministry. Their compassion and heart for the children are important because when the children come, they more often than not hate themselves, feel rejected and are insecure. It takes time for the children to adjust and much patience is needed in understanding and teaching them. Here we teach them biblical principles for their well-being.”

“When they children come they have many emotional needs. Sometimes no amount of counseling can help them. It is only through prayer and by the power of the Holy Spirit, God brings healing to their hearts.”

Many of the children who come to Vision Home have never set foot inschool, some do not even have a birth certificate. As many are unable to read and write, Vision Home sends many of the children for skills training such as welding, tailoring, cooking and barber training, so that they will be able to support themselves when they leave the home at the age of eighteen.The children are also given the opportunity to learn skills like tailoring, handicraft and living skills at Vision Home’s in-house skills training workshop.


Vision Home’s skills training workshop

Vision Home begin with a step of faith as the church was not in a financially strong position to begin a children’s home but God has met every need. It now has its own in-house skills training workshop teaching basic living skills and desires to set up a good skill training workshop that will be able to cater even to children who are unable to read and write.

Rev DanielVelloo hopes that those who have passed through the home will remember it as a place that love was shown, where each child develops emotionally and intellectually. But most importantly he hopes that each child would have known the Lord. However, he stressed that Vision Home does not convert the children, but let each child make his or her own decision.

Some of the children of Vision Home and Pastor Daniel Velloo (far right)

It takes RM8000 per month to run the home, and those who want to help are welcomed to contact the Word of Life Centre, Ipoh. God has made each child special and Vision Home hopes to value every child that passes through their door.

As I say goodbye to the children and Rev Daniel Velloo, I am reminded of James 1:27 which states that “Religion that is pure and good before God the Father is to help children who have no parents and to care for women whose husbands have died who have troubles. Pure religion is also to keep yourself clean from the sinful things of the world” (NLT).Vision Home is indeed doing its part in meeting the needs of destitute children.