Go, Learn from the Ant

30 Aug 2013 by Joseph Tan-


In last week's Wise Video, we discover ways on how to spot the slothful, the sluggard – in short, the lazy person. The next course of thinking then is this – How do you prick the conscience of the sluggard? Here's the answer : use a very small "pin" – the small example from one of the littlest creatures on earth – the humble (but hardworking) ant!




The ant's advantage is not in its strength (though a leaf-cutter ant may carry up to fifty times its own weight) – it is in their initiative to get things done without having someone to nag over its shoulder. Without any guide, overseer, or ruler, the ant diligently make provision at the right season. Translation to corporate language : Wouldn't it be terrific to have an employee who will get things done diligently and on time without me having to remind him and nag him regularly. 

In this week's Wise-Video, you will learn a few big lessons from these small creatures and I hope that it will provide an analogy for you encourage others to do the same as well.

"What we hope ever to do with ease, we must learn first to do with diligence"

 Samuel Johnshon


Go, Learn from the Ant!


Note: Joseph Tan is the founder and consultant of Good Monday Consulting, whose mission is to resolve conflict and reduce stress at work, at home and in life by focusing on the root cause of character and developing core strengths. You can contact him at joseph@goodmonday.com


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