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I remember very fondly the polystyrene wordings my wife and I had on the backdrop on our wedding day – “A Promise to Love”.


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It was right in front of us as we faced the Minister of the Church who married us and also in front of all 250 guests who were sitting in the pews witnessing the wedding ceremony. It basically conveyed the message that we are promising to each other a lifelong commitment of loving each other and keeping to each other. This promise was made before God and the witnesses present who were our relatives and friends!

This promise is true be it in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer and until death do we part. It is a serious and solemn commitment. It is not committing to each other only when times are good or when all things are running smooth and nice, but also during family challenges and when life’s journey goes through bumps and potholes! In fact, it is often the challenging times that bring us closer to one another and validates our commitment to each other.

The support or ability we provide each other through life’s challenges is like “cement” that binds and strengthens the relationship. We know that our marriage is going to continue with the ups and downs, yet our promise to love will also continue because we know that it is not only a huge help when we have each other during such challenges but also we would grow closer and stronger together!



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