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Founded by Dr James C. Dobson, “Focus on the Family” (FOF) started as a non-profit organization in year 1977. From a modest weekly radio program over a few stations in United States, it grew to a fledging international organization impacting two million people in 155 countries. A worldwide movement to bring back intact family units, Lee Wee Min established “Focus of the Family Malaysia” (FOFM) in 1997 and has been serving faithfully ever since as the president for close to 16 years now. They currently have offices in Kuala Lumpur, Sarawak, Melaka and Perak.



Last year, FOFM celebrated their 15th year anniversary, having touched over 400,000 lives using print, radio, television, mobile SMS, and also website to date. An international organization, they also worked closely with the National Population and Family Development Board (LPPKN) and United Nations.

Joshua 24:15b

But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.

Their vision is to provide sound family resources, effective events and programs and counselling help for married couples, parents and youths. Built on biblical principles, the programs developed are suitable for people from all races and creeds. Programs were made according to needs of the society identified by recent research, statistical data and current news in Malaysia. So, here are the programs developed. You may find them exceptionally helpful!


Programs for married and pre-married couples

To date, FOFM marriage programs have impacted over 15,000 lives!

1. Prepare or Enrich

This is a counselling tool to prepare couple for an enriched relationtionship based on over 10 years of scientific research by Dr. David H. Olson at the University of Minnesota.

2. Smart Start

This is for couples who want to have a good start in their marriage.

3. Couple Checkup

This is an online assessment tool, also developed by Dr David Olson to allow couples identify their strengths and areas of growth in relationship.

4. Marriage Enrichment

If you want a weekend getaway to reconnect and enrich your marriage, join this event with intentional activities and sessions.

The Great Marriage Experience for Pastors

5. Journey to Intimacy

Improve quality of your marriage by allowing counselling and active feedback.


Programs for parents

To date, these programs have touched 2300 lives!


Come together with other parents and share your experiences, joy and struggles in raising a child! You may get some practical advices.

2. Father and Son Adventure Camp

Strengthen a father-son bond by a one-on-one time for playing, relaxing, working and talking together in an “adventure-camp” setting.

Father and Son Camp

3. Father and Daughter Banquet

Tell your little girl how special and worthy she is in your eyes in an exclusive dinner banquet. The highlight is the special ‘purity ring’ presentation.

Father and Daughter Banquet

4. Mother and Son Connection

A way to a son’s heart is his stomach! Bake and cook in this session, coupled with meaningful activities, to deepen the bond.

Mother and Son Connection

5. Mother and Daughter Connection

Join fun activities as mother and daughter such as treasure hunt and short activities emphasizing communication and understanding. There might be also talks on beauty, health and self-confidence.

Mother and Daughter Connection

6. Heritage Builders

Build your family’s heritage intentionally as a couple in this class, where you can actively pass and instil your faith in your children to pass down to their children!

7. Sound generation parents (for parents)

Learn how to discern what’s good and bad out there in the media. Be tech-savvy and know what’s influencing your children’s mind.

8. Let’s talk about sex (for parents)

If children were to not learn about sex from their parents, they would probably learn it from the media. This session teaches you how to talk about sex tactfully, sincerely and honestly to help growing children make the right choice.


Programs for the youths

According to the FOFM website polls, the major contributor for strained relationship between parents and teenagers is trouble communicating with one another (36%), followed by not having enough time spent together (29%) and difficulties in understanding one another (24%). Hence, many bonding sessions were developed to meet those needs.

1. No apologies/ Let’s talk about Sex

These two programs are developed to educate youths with useful sex-related information to help them decide in keeping their purity.

No apologies workshop

No apologies to date had 1000 workshops already conducted since its establishment in 2003, with 50000 participants and 45000 abstinence pledges! There are also over 1600 facilitators trained in Malaysia. An effective program, close to 92% of youths kept their pledge to keep purity after five years of making the ‘no apologies’ pledge.

2. Sound generation youth

Learn to discern what’s good and bad in the media!

3. Beyond Appearances

This program addresses the issue of body image and perception, instil self-worth and self- confidence amongst youths for their changing bodies, and curb eating disorder.

4. Beyond Dieting- Developing a Healthy Body Image

Through this session, youth learn to accept their body’s beauty and imperfections, ways to take care of their body, and the importance of health over appearance.

5. Radical relationships

Different portrayal of relationships in media may confuse a youth. This program drives home the meaning and way of having a healthy family relationship, friendship and romantic relationship.

6. Effects of pornography

Can a man scoop fire into his lap without his clothes being burned? (Proverb 6:27) Pornography leave more negative consequences that it appear.

7. A pilgrim’s guide to Xtraordinary Parenting (Parents of teens)

This session helps parents to feel and be more competent in influencing their children, and also enjoy their child’s ups and downs.

With the many programs, if you can’t find time, you can also listen to their audio commentary and read their articles at


For more information for the programs, please go to


And if you want to schedule an appointment with counsellors, please write to or call 03-79547920. You can also visit their website at


Note: Information from this article were written according to the FOFM official website and FOFM Celebrating 15 Years magazine.


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