You Are My God

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As I set my gaze above I see the  stars

Cradled in skies around though scarce

The stillness of the nights are in One

With God till the awakening of dawn.


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Morning tweets from birds’  greetings

And chirps for food inflatable water slides from their seedlings.

Lord! Heavy are we  with worldly senses.

You are My God! You will enlighten us.




God, I decree a mountain to move.

 I  know You are in me to approve.

For You are  my only Stronghold,

No enemy shall reach my  Hold.


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Persecution is there to overcome.

Your Grace and Mercy songs I hum.

Who can harm  me when You are here.

Jesus You are My God, all time Seer.




Let there be a thousand death valleys,

You are with me, Father God , at Ease!


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