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To Obedience, open .My heart.

Render your mind. to remember,

That you are His Fold of sheep.

The  Good Lord is Our Shepherd

Surrender, with much  gratitude.

Look up to our Heavenly Father

For showers of  blessings to rain

And soak in His Everlasting Reign.

My God,  absorb me in Rest

For You are forever  Supreme .

Your Presence fills me , Lord

Your Praises I will sing O God..


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Let me be as humble as can be

Father, lift me up whenever I fall.

Even  I go yonder, pull me back

With Your Rod , O God, if I lack

Sense of direction as devil tricks.

Only to you I submit  at all times

Shelter me,  favour me, thank You

Almighty God of Heaven and Earth.


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