El Shaddai

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You  are Father of Abraham who obeyed

And trusted You and nations were made.

You are God of the living not the dead.

We are Your children in You embraced.


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All praises to You Abba from our hearts

You make  us warriors to evade all parts

Of evil with Armours of Righteousness

And in The Word of Your Truthfulness.


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We said ‘God’  all the time not realizing

You are the Greatest Father so amazing,

And on Whom we can always depend

As You lift us up from fall at every bend.


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El Shaddai! so vast is Your Royal Kingdom .

We search our ways in Your Way to come.

Jesus Christ Your begotten Son will guide

Us through the storms, in Him we abide.


Ref: truthbook.com


We bow to You Jehovah  with  Grace.

We are humbled as we seek Your Face.


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