One Man

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He is Our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Savior

Who gave His  Disciples  divine  insight

Of The Holy Spirit to also do His Work:

Healing sufferers in His Name,  Amen.


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His Word never fails , He is Righteosness!

His Spirit of Power manifests in His Reign ..

He fills us yet more in holiness with intensity

As we pray for release from fateful adversity.


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Diseases still on the rise but faith increases.

Man becomes one with God with surprises.

In this century of nations fighting nations.

Time has arrived, for all people of the world


To recognize God , our prayers with godliness

Humble ourselves  that He is our  Goodness.

Even if we are in the valley of the shadow of death

The Shepherd is with us with His Rod and Staff.


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Yahweh! You are Lord of all  the Kingdoms.

Thank You God for being with us at all times


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