God and Nature

March 1, 2018 Jason Law 0

  A storm, a wind, a mild breeze Denotes God’s very existence. Seed ruptures, grow into tall trees Are nature’s own representatives.     Live and spread aroma like  plants By the rivers merrily, free […]

Holy Spirit

February 22, 2018 Jason Law 0

    Stay with me till I still, O Holy Spirit , That I may achieve wisdom and grit. O God Almighty leave me not alone Let me be nourished well on my bone.   […]

God is With Us

February 1, 2018 Jason Law 0

  Glory be Your Name O God Almighty. As You hold the Reigns of longevity. Gather unto You I will, all my days While I  acknowledge Your Ways.     You are the One Who […]

You Are Our Hope

January 18, 2018 Anna Gold 0

  From all directions we wander In the wilderness we ponder We find no city that maintains Our thirst for Our God who reigns.     Lord, You are our Only Hope For the troubled […]

El Shaddai

August 18, 2017 Annaz Gold 0

  You  are Father of Abraham who obeyed And trusted You and nations were made. You are God of the living not the dead. We are Your children in You embraced.     All praises […]


July 28, 2017 Annaz Gold 0

  God is Love, Love is a stumbling atom Tiny though but powerful Divine Form Which becomes Whom we should know. Jesus is Love Who died for us and arose. What a wonderful God we […]

You are Light

June 24, 2017 Annaz Gold 0

  Omnipresence is Lord  God Almighty. He saw darkness, said with authority ‘Let there be Light.’ And the sun arose. Then the universe formed like a rose Like petals endure God’ s commands, And all […]

Our Healer

June 2, 2017 Annaz Gold 0

  Lord You are  My  Rock and Refuge. You are  God descending from huge Transparency and  Manifestations  Angels flying over high mountains     To announce Your Divine Arrival . We are still in deep […]

My Conqueror

March 24, 2017 Annaz Gold 0

  Grace and Armour of Righteousness On us after Jesus Christ ‘s  death On the Cross, and His Resurrection . Have made us stronger and calm. You Lord .as You are in our Temple. You […]


March 17, 2017 Annaz Gold 0

  With Grace bestowed on us, Lord Jesus, You are Master and God Likewise in all Your masterpieces, Man dreams  yet at times ceases     To function , yet every moment Is Yours, Lord, […]

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