God is With Us

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Glory be Your Name O God Almighty.

As You hold the Reigns of longevity.

Gather unto You I will, all my days

While I  acknowledge Your Ways.


Ref: serenitynetwork.org


You are the One Who can transform

Seas into roads for us to perform

Our rights as new borns unto You.

You redeemed us into lives anew.


Ref: licdn.com


You are the One Who gives words

To us to speak in many worlds.

You created heavens and  earth

With Grace attached to each birth.


Ref: wordpress


We will not be afraid of atrocities

For Your Holy Hands of Peace

Cover us from above and around

Your Presence is always abound.


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You are with us all the time, Father

In the Name of Jesus, we go farther.


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Anna Gold

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