Father’s Love

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Silver and gold glitter beneath  the sun,

But Father’ s Love outshines all at once.

We are redeemed by the Blood of Jesus

Because He was Holy in Righteousness.


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Forgiveness outshines all gifts of man.

For to forgive is divine, to err is human.

For only a Father in Heaven can define

Why mankind is obscure in his design.


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Father loves all but mankind chooses

Whom to love, and not be the losers.

God is serious, He is the Ultimate Dad

Who cares for us when His child is sad.


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Father, Your Love is true and everlasting

That even in the Death on Cross, no sting

Touched Your Son Jesus, Our Messiah!

He rose again the third day. Hallelujah!


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Father’ s Love is sanctified with Power.

Shelter us, Abba, under Your Shower!


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