The All Powerful

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The Word Is our Holy Bible

              Faith is what makes us able.              

Life may be a documentary

But God from His Sanctuary

Is in His Absolute Goodness

Gave Mankind more, never less.


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We are The Tabernacle, God in us.

We declare in The Name of Jesus.

He gave us not fear but power

Love Your enemies and shower

Them with love more and more

That our hearts higher they soar

Righteousness is seen in merit.


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We are filled with The Holy Spirit!

Even diseases derived by Satan,

Out goes the impurities rotten!

Calmness surpasses in Jesus.

Tolerance endured in Jesus.




A sense of holiness undenied

From Our Saviour Who died

For us, Glory to Him in the Highest

Thank you Father for giving us Rest.




Praise You Lord, make our hearts pure

You are Our Creator.. Our Divine  Cure!


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Thangam Nair

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