We Exalt Thee, Our Lord Jesus Christ! CM is Fully LIVE Now

14th Sept 2012 –

We want to thank our Father in heaven , our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for guiding us through . We hope this website www.christianitymalaysia.com   ( CM ) will be a blessing to you and your family and we also hope you could share this website with your friends here in Malaysia and those abroad .

We believe in Luke 8:15 where the seed that fell on good ground , having heard the word and kept it ,  bring forth fruit with patience .

We also believe that once the good ground  has bring forth fruit with patience and then the light which has been lighted  it should not be hidden under the bed as in following verse Luke 8:16 . It should instead be put on a lamp stand so that they which enter it may see the light .

All the events of the Church and the Ministry of the body of Christ and the hope of the believing believers with the message of salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ , we want to put it up on the lamp stand which is this website so that they which enter it may see the light .


Ephesians 6 : 24

Grace be with all them that love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity .  Amen


God  bless you !

From CM