Receiving the Mighty Wind of the Holy Spirit in Sandakan, Sabah

14th Sept 2012  by  Rev Jennifer Tan –

It is timely the children of God in Malaysia get ready for God’s mighty visitation. Many in the Body from this nation and other nations have recognised that God is now getting His children in Sabah ready for His mighty move. And this is clearly evident in the numerous God ordained revival services being held in this State, especially in denominational churches.


On the morning of Sept. 9, 2012 saw another powerful revival service being held at St. Michael’s Anglican Church. As worship progressed, so did the tangible presence of God increase.  What’s more, the power of the Word moved mightily in the midst of God’s children in this BM service. The Word released was filled with the power of truth, love and encouragement. Everyone was touched by the Holy Spirit in a mighty way as His servant, Rev. Rocco Cardillo, from Perth , Australia,  preached under the strong anointing of the Holy Spirit, with excellent interpretation by Rev. Augustine Saang, on Matthew 4:1-11


Ministering under the anointing of a prophet, and moving in the gifts of healing and deliverance, Rev. Rocco Cardillo humbly obeyed the direction of the Holy Spirit to release Breakthrough in the lives of His children.  About 250 people attended the meeting and more than half, from the youngest (aged 5-12) to the oldest freely answered the altar call to receive their breakthrough for healing and deliverance. They were clearly touched by the tangible love of God as tears flowed and powerful deliverance took place. This close encounter with the Lord was seemingly powerful as they wholeheartedly worshipped the Lord after having been set free from every kind of bondage. And as the Lord continued to release His glory, everyone received their blessings, to the glory of our Lord Jesus.


Although known as a denominational church, the Anglican churches in Sabah are being revived by God to move in sync with the power and direction of the Holy Spirit.  It is here that the people of God are continually challenged by revival services to be set free, revived and transformed. Consequently, the hunger for God continues to grow as everyone experiences the tangible power of God in their lives, even in the remote interiors of Sabah, where the congregation of churches increase a hundred percent  each time after a powerful revival service has taken place.

Rev Rocco Cardillo moving in the power of the Holy Spirit


Sandakan Anglican Church  founded in 1888