Kuching unites for Malaysia Day Celebration

2 Oct 2013 by Donna Uning CM-


As the fireworks light up the city for the nation’s Jubilee year celebration, Christians in Kuching gather for a hopeful night at Blessed Church. The celebration of joyous praise and prayer, the most diverse and grandest to date, saw over 2000 people with more than 25 churches.

Dressed in traditional attire, the praise and worship team along with pastors and Christian leaders from all over the city added color and festivities to the wondrous night. Pr Jerry Teo from Good News Fellowship led the opening prayer.

“Happy Jubilee! I want to thank the Lord for this time a beginning of a very powerful event in Malaysia,” exclaimed Pr Julius Suubi, from Kenya, who joined the city for the celebration. Donning a traditional Malay costume, Pr Suubi had been in the city a week prior to the nation’s Jubilee day, stirring up the church in prayer.


A national celebration with Pr Julius Suubi and Pr GT Lim
A national celebration with Pr Julius Suubi and Pr GT Lim


“These are the watchdogs of the city, prophets of the Lord. May the Lord greatly bless you, in Jesus’ name, amen,” said Pr Suubi thanking the pastors who came down for the event. Pr Suubi’s team from Highway of Holiness International was also present.


Leviticus 25:8-12

Count off seven Sabbath years—seven times seven years—so that the seven sabbath years amount to a period of forty-nine years.  Then have the trumpet sounded everywhere on the tenth day of the seventh month; on the Day of Atonement sound the trumpet throughout your land. Consecrate the fiftieth year and proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants. It shall be a jubilee for you; each of you is to return to your family property and to your own clan. The fiftieth year shall be a jubilee for you; do not sow and do not reap what grows of itself or harvest the untended vines.  For it is a jubilee and is to be holy for you; eat only what is taken directly from the fields.


“I’m here tonight because as I was praying for Malaysia sometime last year, the Lord had spoken to me to come to Kuching; and God had enabled us to be here,” he said bringing up some similarities between Malaysia and the nation of Kenya. “We have just celebrated our Jubilee year and we had an election this year; you also had an election and entering your 50th year.”

“As a nation, we have seen so many blessings that have come this season of Jubilee and even in the lives of individual people,” he said. “You are standing in a very important spiritual gate. If you take hold of that gate, at times we miss what God wants us to do because of lack of understanding that God is a God of times and seasons.” And I thank God that you understand, he added.

“I’m going to share eight things that the Lord has put in my spirit about your Jubilee,” he said. The word Jubilee comes from the Hebrew yobel, which means to roar, which means a battle cry, an alarm. “It is a sound of joy.”

“When talking about Jubilee, we’re talking about making a joyful sound to the Lord,” he told, getting the church ready to make noise with shouts and shofars. “We are going to make a Jubilee noise! As we make noise, it’s an atmosphere, a cry of battle!” This is an anointed noise that is going to bring deliverance upon the land. That is what used to happen in Israel in Jubilee year because people knew their hour of deliverance had come.

Secondly, the Jubilee idea derives from the idea that God is a God of rest. The children of Israel were supposed to work six years and rest the land on the seventh year. God is a God of rest; we were created on the sixth day. Immediately after the creation of man, He gave the seventh day rest.

“When the Lord is talking to us about Jubilee; He is bringing us in the season of rest from the battles in our life,” he said. “So I stand here as a prophet of God to declare over your life, let every storm come to a stop in your life in the name of Jesus! Let every battle come to a stop tonight in Jesus’ mighty name, Amen!”

Third, Jubilee means 50 years. “It begun last year, the trumpets were blown on the 49th year,” he said. “Around that time, I was in KL meeting with Fellowship of Malaysia. Now we’re entering the 50th year,” he continued. Fifty is a significant number. In the Scriptures, Numbers 8:25, people were to stop serving actively at the Tabernacle or congregation at the age of 50 years. They were to retire at that time and help others in the Tabernacle of congregation. At the age of 50, they were considered to be elders.


Pastors and leaders praying in unity for the Jubilee year
Pastors and leaders praying in unity for the Jubilee year


“Now the Lord is not telling you to quit serving Him at 50. When you enter 50 years, as a nation you begin to operate in the anointing of eldership. In other words, from now, Malaysia is considered as an elder nation amongst the nations of the world,” he said. The Lord is going to use men and women from here to further many nations of the world, to ministries all over the world.

“So I stand here as a prophet of God to release the apostles, the prophets, the evangelist from Malaysia to go disciple nations because you are no longer considered young but elder in the realm of the spirit. The Lord is going to use you to influence other nations.”

Fourth point, the Jubilee season always begun on the Day of Atonement. On the Day of Atonement, the high priests go to the holy of holies to offer sacrifice for sins of the nation for the whole year. “That was a very important day where certain sins in the nation that cannot be forgiven until the Day of Atonement,” he said. “I believe as we stand in this gate of Jubilee, generational inequities that have been on the nation of Malaysia, generational sins that were hindering the move of the Holy Spirit on this land, that cup of inequity is going to be emptied in this Jubilee season in the name of Jesus! There is a window of mercy that is going to blow on this land.” You are entering a season of mercy.

Fifth, the Jubilee season is a season for every family to go back to his family. This means many things; one, going back to the calling of your tribe, the calling of your nation. “Malaysia is so blessed; your nation is a blessed nation,” he said where people from different ethnic communities live peacefully. Every ethnic community has a calling upon it; the Ibans, Chinese, Indians, Malays. “May the calling that is upon your people group begin to operate upon your life; the anointing that God has deposited upon the different ethnic communities in this nation.”

Two, it also meant a restoration of broken families. “I want to prophesy restoration of marriages in the name of Jesus,” he prayed. In this season of Jubilee, there’s going to be restoration; restoration of children and parents. The Lord is releasing the Elijah anointing, the Elijah anointing turns the hearts of the fathers to their sons and hearts of sons to their fathers. Children are coming back, but it also means that children of the land of Malaysia that ran away from this land and never wanted to come back, in this season of Jubilee, the Lord is going to them back in the name of Jesus! Some of them are needed to rebuild the nation of Malaysia.

Point six, it means liberty; from every chain that has bound the nation. In the season of Jubilee, those chains are going to be broken right from family level to church level to national level. The power of darkness that’s holding this nation and stopping it from stepping into God’s destiny, we stand in the gap of Jubilee, to declare to all power of darkness, let they be broken in the name of Jesus!

“We pull down the forces of darkness over the nation of Malaysia in the season of Jubilee,” he said. Let there be liberty, even in your family from generational curses. Declare, let there be liberty! “Your family is going to experience liberty; liberty means that every limitation, every barrier that the devil had put upon your family, in the season of Jubilee, it’s going to be broken,” he added. “There is spiritual liberty! Glory to God!” Your children are going to be born again this season!

“Listen to me church of Malaysia, the days ahead will have some spiritual battles. Get ready, they are coming whether you want it or not but the Lord is giving you the anointing of spiritual warfare,” he said. “The Lord is going to anoint you with the anointing of boldness to encounter, to challenge and to engage the forces of darkness.”


Shofar blowing to kick-off the celebration
Shofar blowing to kick-off the celebration


“The Lord is raising up a lion church in the name of Jesus; when the Lord is anointing you with spiritual warfare, receive that anointing. You may not understand it now but you will later. You’re going to need this fire,” he told saying certain demonic thrones are going to be overthrown this season.

Seventh, in the year of Jubilee the land will be returned back. “The Lord is releasing a blessing on the land,” he told where Kenya found oil this Jubilee season after 40 years of searching. “So the year of Jubilee brings a lot of blessings in the land. Many minerals are going to be discovered. The Lord as He spoke to us the other day, is going to grant people land this season; those of you who are conned of land, there’s going to be restoration.” Revival is coming on the land, listen to me East Malaysia!

God is preparing to revive this land again. “The next wave of revival is going to be greater than the next revival because the glory of the later church shall be greater than the glory of the former church,” he said. Pr Suubi saw many 24/7 prayer towers sprouting up this part of the world. Prayers are taking place day and night. “May it happen in Kuching, Sabah, may it happen in West Malaysia.”

Finally, God is a God of seasons and times. After 430 years, He delivered the nation of Israel from bondage, after 70 years He delivered the children of Israel from bondage in Babylon. “God is shifting something in the realm of the spirit in this season. There is a shift in the atmosphere; the principalities and powers of darkness that is holding this nation is losing its grip this season,” he said. “Get ready for new things, the Lord is doing a new thing to the family, church,” he told. Hallelujah! The 430 years of captivity are coming to an end; the 70 years of captivity are breaking from your life. There is going to be more favor coming upon the church, even from government.

A strong veil of darkness that is trying to take over East Malaysia; in this Jubilee season, the Lord is going to tear that veil! “The Lord is stopping it because He has a covenant with this land,” he continued. “Instead of that veil, there will be open heavens over this region.”

There is going to be acceleration of anointing over the church. “Things are moving very fast, that’s why you need to pray for wisdom so you can move very quickly because the Lord is releasing an anointing of speed,” he said adding “churches are going to grow fast; things are going to move fast, just like the way the darkness is going to increase very fast.” The Lord is giving the church the anointing of acceleration. “Some of you are moving at donkey speed, some churches are moving at donkey speed,” he said when a church moves at donkey speed, as a pastor you’re going to cry. Receive an anointing of a horse!

People will get born again and within one year become powerful preachers. People you prayed for and baptize will pastor you. So, catch up quickly! “The Lord says ‘I’m teaching you new strategies of breaking the power of darkness, I’m teaching you how to war, how to fight this season!’” he closed and prayed with the church on the eight promises.

As the shofar was blown, Pr Darren Tan came onstage to give the Jubilee address. Pastors from various churches went up one after another to pray for the nation.  Some of the pastors and church leaders who led the prayers include Pr Malcom Yong, Pr Mathew Ling, Pr Patricia Wong, Pr Alice Chan, Pr Bibi Dadang, Pr Greman Ujang, Pr James Ganie, bro Peter Paris and Pr David Ling. They led the church in praying for the anointing of eldership, Kingdom intercession, families and the next generation, revival, unity, discipleship and communities. Hundreds fasted for days standing in the gap for the nation in prayer and many stayed overnight at the church watching and praying as the 50th year of the nation began.


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