Transition Well into the Future Conference with Chuck Pierce – Part 2

Dr Chuck Pierce preaching onstage
Dr Chuck Pierce preaching onstage

“Periodically the Lord visits His people and says, ‘You will have to do this to overcome in the future,’” said Dr Chuck Pierce, in the second part of his message at the Transition Well into the Future Conference in Sibu recently. He was speaking at Dewan Suarah Sibu, Sibu, Sarawak for the two-day conference.

In the book of Revelation, the Lord told something interesting to all the churches. When He came back 70 years after He resurrected, He visited the seven churches of the region. He looked at each and every one of these churches and say, “This is what you’re doing well” and told some of the churches, “You’re not doing this very well.” So, He corrected some of the churches. Two of the churches were doing everything great. But He told all seven churches in the region, “You’re going to have to do this and if you will, you will overcome in the future.”

Most of us are familiar with the Word of God when God tells his people what to do when they hear what the spirit is saying to the church. “Never cut out Holy Spirit and never stop the Holy Spirit from moving in here,” he said because the Holy Spirit is the only restraining force against evil on the earth.

“When I read this, in one translation it says, listen to the WIND Words,” he said. This year is about the wind of heaven blowing in over God’s people. We are in the year of five. And five is about grace and five is about wind.

“I am here to announce on Borneo Island, after tonight you will see the wind shift over this island!” he called.

“It will be a sign that God is shifting His people. Here’s a wind that is starting to blow over this portion of Malaysia; it’s called a wind of transition,” he said. It’s called a wind of crossing over. It’s called a wind of you leaving one place and making it through to a new place.

“Every time God is ready to do something new, we go into a transition,” he said. When we’re going into that transition, we start crossing over in a new way.  He also shared several points linked with transition.


Dr Chuck Pierce decreeing for the Island of Borneo
Dr Chuck Pierce decreeing for the Island of Borneo


Number one, he shared, “When you’re in transition, God starts gathering His people in a new way.”

These are the same Aaron and Moses to whom the Lord said, “Bring out the children of Israel from the land of Egypt according to their armies.” (Exodus 6:26)

“When it’s time for the church to make its transitions, all of a sudden, He starts pulling us together not just from our own church, but He is gathering us together from different groups to arise to a great new army of God,” he continued. We are transitioning in our gatherings. We are seeing people gather to worship in a new way.

Number two, not only does God gather us, He changes the way we follow after His glory. When the people left Egypt, they left with a pillar of fire and a pillar of cloud. “When they cross over 40 years later, something happens; the Lord said, ‘I’m going now to remove the cloud and remove the fire; and I’m going to set a box in front of you that contains My covenant,’” he reminded. Give this box space because you can’t move until it moves. It can’t move until the new priesthood of the leaders for the future move it.

“Part of a transition is watching the new leadership for the future arises,” he said. That doesn’t mean getting rid of the old leaders. But it does mean that if you have been leading in another season, you are going to become new in a new season.

“The third thing is the prophetic manifestation of God shifts also,” he continued. In Isaiah 6, it talks about the moment when God reveals His glory to Isaiah. King Uzziah, whom Isaiah had prophesied under, died. And because of the way he died affected Isaiah, God came and touched his mouth. He sent angels with hot coals. Isaiah had been prophesying for a long time, but all of a sudden Isaiah became a new prophet and prophesied in a new way.

“That is important to understand because you have to start hearing from heaven in a new way,” he said telling, “The Word of God that we have will become new and fresh in a new way.”

The fourth thing that is important. “You’re going to have to make a decision of you’re going to connect with the new movement. The new movement doesn’t particularly mean changing churches. A movement occurs when all of a sudden we start responding to the sound and the teaching that is coming forth for now,” he added.

In John 1, John the Baptist had been preparing the way for the Messiah to come. When the Messiah came, all of a sudden, John’s wineskin went into transition. “Same thing happens in the church today. When the spirit starts moving in a new way, many churches go into transition,” he said telling, “Not everyone in John’s movement followed after the Messiah’s movement; you see, not everybody crosses over.” But in John Chapter 1, we find something happens.

“Tomorrow, I will talk about a new baptism that goes with the new movement. Then we’re going to decree a new baptism of the spirit,” he said.

What happens in John Chapter 1 was when Jesus started moving forward, the Word of God says Phillip and Andrew were very interested in what He was teaching.  Phillip and Andrew were disciples of John the Baptist. They were the only two disciples from the last movement that shifted into the movement with the Messiah.


Dr Pierce receiving gifts from the River of Truth Restoration Centre team
Dr Pierce receiving gifts from the River of Truth Restoration Centre team


“Think about this,” he said telling. “John the Baptist had been paving the way but we find in Matthew 11 that John never shifted into the next move of God. But Andrew and Phillip shifted, and then Andrew went and got his brother Peter. Why am I telling you this?” This is because there is a new move of God’s Spirit going on the earth. “And we are honored to go all over the world and see God birth this new movement,” Dr Pierce said.

“I want to encourage you right now to follow after where the Spirit of God is moving,” he said.  Andrew, Phillip, Peter and the others connected into the Messiah movement. When they did that, they were different from what John the Baptist was doing. To be in John’s movement you had to go out in the wilderness. To be in John’s movement, he had only one message that is repentance.

“The Messiah went into the city. He went into the money region, affected the government, and He revealed grace in a way that have never been seen before,” he explained.

In Mathew 9, eventually John the Baptist sent a team to Jesus and says, “Why haven’t Your disciples fast the same way that we do?” And Jesus said He cannot put new wine in an old wineskin. “There is nothing wrong with fasting; but we’re not doing it in these three years that I’m forming this new wineskin,” Dr Pierce said.

“We’re not going to use the same method that you’ve been using as we make this transition,” he said. “This is what I want to end with transition.” Mathew 14 is the passage where John gets his head cut off.

“What I want you to understand is there comes a time where the last season ends. All transitions take on three things,” he said. There has to be an ending.  There is confusion. Because when something ends, we are not sure how to begin the new. But, there comes a moment when we hit a crossroad.

“There comes a moment where heaven connects. There comes a moment in transition, where the new began,” he said. “Now I have visited your island before. But I am here to decree, this time the new has begun!”

The first example of the new move of God began with the Lord when He told His disciples to multiply. He had been teaching them for three days and the disciples said, “Send the crowd away.” The disciples said that the crowd was hungry and they need to eat. And the Lord said, “I’m not going to send them away. You’re going to feed them, and I’m going to teach you to get what they got out here and I’m going to teach you to multiply.”

“Now, when the new begins, God gives a special anointing to multiply. Now, tonight, that’s how we end,” he ended telling the event happened a day after John the Baptist died. “And He knew the only way to move forward was to learn how to multiply.”

Dr Pierce then invited everyone to stand up. Earlier, he was given an abacus as one of his welcoming gifts.  “Now, you gave me the abacus. The abacus is used to count. You use the abacus not only to add but to multiply. Therefore, you present me a gift that I am now going to impart back to you because it is now time for the church to multiply in this region.”


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