The Rapture of Being in God’s Presence

Ref: wholelotahealth
Ref: wholelotahealth


How is it like for one to experience the solitude of being totally in His presence?  Especially when this awesome encounter will almost always happen quite suddenly and unexpectedly and you are not quite prepared for it!  I think that’s how God likes this revelation to take place as this would result in this whole divine experience being impressed upon you for a long time to come!  Many people who give testimony about their experience with God will tell you that it always happened at the most surprising times without their realization.

I have a CD of Lara Martin of Sydney Hillsong United that my wife and I constantly enjoy listening.  One particular song from her album called “Divine Exchange” is very special to us.  This song is so meaningful and it is so well sung that we can listen to it again and again!  This first verse of this song talks about this rapture of being alone in the presence of God.  The lyrics are so deeply meaningful that they bring to one’s realism (quite beyond words) the totality of perfect joy and human contentment when human beings (the created) come face to face with Him and yield themselves wholeheartedly to the glorious power and presence of the Creator! 


The picture of Jesus, painted by child-art-prodigy Akiane Kramarik at 8 years old | Ref: godreports
The picture of Jesus Christ, painted by child-art-prodigy Akiane Kramarik at 8 years old | Ref: godreports


BY LARA MARTIN (Sydney Hillsong United)






(1) My heart is “captivated” Lord by You “alone”

To be captivated is to be totally enwrapped and contained.  The difference here is the presence of willingness and love but the total absence of fear when one is captivated.  You feel secure and you desire and truly long to stay intimately close and do not want to leave for one moment.  Alone means only, just with You (Lord), without exception, no one else, nothing else (no matter how worldly important) can ever come close or is more important or precious to you.


A picture of Jesus by Akiane Kramarik| Ref: pinimg
A picture of Jesus by Akiane Kramarik | Ref: pinimg


(2) “Captured by the awesomeness of You alone

To be captured is to be fully contained, encircled yet unlike being entrapped or imprisoned, you willingly allowed to be held and do not want to be free.  You wholeheartedly ask to stay and rest so that you are able to continuously soak in His presence and majesty.   


(3) “Melted” by the grace and mercy You have shown

A surrendered heart, which has been captivated and won, becomes a totally transformed heart.  It has gradually softened and melted and becomes liquid and in this changeable state it is able to readily flow and make maximum contact with God’s grace and mercy. A stubbornly solid unyielding heart is not a surrendered heart. 


Painting of Jesus surrendering to God | Ref: imgur
Painting of Jesus surrendering to God | Ref: imgur


(4) “I stand in wonder”

You stand there alone, without any one else around and in a total state of awe and joyful expectation!  You are transfixed in a timeless zone and enwrapped in a divine and majestic ethereal atmosphere.  You want this experience keep on keeping on!


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