Bob Fitts to hold concert in Kuching

7 June 2013 by Donna Uning – CM


Worship leader and international songwriter, Bob Fitts, will be performing at Blessed Church, Kuching as part of his House of God tour on June 12, 2013.





Apart from the concert, Bob will be conducting the “Called to Worship” seminar at SIB, Kota Padawan, 10th mile here on June 11, 2013. The seminar is priced at RM30 per person.

Bob has been writing songs and leading people in worship since the early 1970s when many students on his Corona, California high school campus met daily at lunch to worship and pray together.


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After high school, he attended Melodyland School of Theology in Anaheim, California and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry. At the same time, he was ordained as youth pastor and church worship leader in Riverside, California.

Bob and his wife Kathy met during high school and were married in 1976. In 1981, they moved to Kailua-Kona, Hawaii and served with Youth With A Mission at its teaching campus, The University of the Nations, until 1993.

In 1990 they pioneered the School of Worship, which is now being conducted in many countries around the world. His first recording, Take My Healing To The Nations, was released in 1985.




In 1988 he was invited to be the worship leader on Integrity Music’s The Lord Reigns. Since that time, Bob has recorded numerous projects, both as a solo artist and the featured worship leader including:

·  Take My Healing To The Nations – Solo Project 1988

·  The Lord Reigns – Integrity Music 1988

·  The Highest Place – Integrity Music 1990

·  Live Worship With Bob Fitts – Maranatha! Music 1990

·  Sacrifice – Solo Project 1991

·  Bethlehem’s Treasure – Integrity Music 1991

·  He Will Save You – Integrity Music 1993

·  Proclaim His Power 1993

·  Comfort My People – Solo Project 1994

·  A Taste of Heaven – New Creation Church 1995

·  Comfort My People 1995

·  He Will Save You – Integrity Music 1996

·  I Will Not Be Afraid – International House of Prayer 2001

·  I Will Bow To You – Integrity Music 2001

·  I Will Not Be Afraid – Live Worship Project 2001

·  Restore – Healing To The Nations Music 2008

·  Called To Worship-Healing to The Nations Music 2012

Some of Bob’s best-known songs are Blessed Be The Lord God Almighty, Take My Healing To The Nations, He Is Lovely, He Will Come And Save You and Glory Glory Lord. Bob and Kathy continue to make their home in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. 




His latest album, “Called to Worship” is a celebration of his 25-years in recording, featuring two new songs and 15 classic tracks from his previous albums. Contact your local church for the worship seminar registration forms and concert tickets.


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