The Exuberant Ministry of Victor Gee

Pastor Victor Gee
Pastor Victor Gee


Pastor Victor Gee carried an unmistakable exuberant and energetic spirit when he stepped up on stage, which naturally drew the church congregation’s attention to him.

The unabashed Segamat-born lad was quick to stir the congregation, through his quirky and entertaining injection of personal anecdotes and humour, before he dived into serious theology.

Aside from connecting with the congregation through their minds, Pastor Victor Gee also touched their hearts with songs he composed and sang himself. Today, he has released three Christian contemporary albums – A Beautiful Life, A New Breath, and Legacy – containing an ensemble of 28 songs.


Pastor Victor Gee singing to the congregation
Pastor Victor Gee singing to the congregation


Not only he served God through worship, God has also equipped Pastor Victor with formal theological studies from Bible College of New Zealand. Having graduated with a Graduate Diploma in Biblical Studies, Pastor Victor is equipped to preach as well.


2) New Converts


But what stood out from Pastor Victor Gee is really his genuine heart to give his one hundred per cent to God. Having waited 20 years for his full-time ministry dream to realise, Pastor Victor carries a strong drive to preach God’s Word without apology – unadulterated and direct – so that the full measure of the message can be delivered.

Hence, since he started his ministry five years ago, he has spoken in over 300 meetings, which spanned across New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Brunei, UK, and of course Malaysia. Every year, he would typically spend approximately 25 weeks in Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore alone with meetings packed back-to-back.


1) Concert outreach


A down-to-earth pastor who loves connecting with people, there was never a dull moment in his preaching of the Word. And having been through the hard knocks of running his own business and being the spiritual leader of his family, it is clear that Pastor Victor has the ability to connect with the congregation at a deep level.

Pastor Victor Gee is now residing in New Zealand with his beautiful wife Michelle and their 12-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son.

A full-time minister for God, Pastor Victor welcomes all opportunities to be God’s vessel in speaking His Word. Invite him to speak at your church by contacting him at or +6012-299-9876.

For more information, please visit

Here is Pastor Victor’s schedule for the next six months!


21st May | New Life Restoration PJ | Petaling Jaya | Saturday evening service | 7pm

22nd May | Grace Assembly PJ | Petaling Jaya | Sunday Service | 10am

22nd May | Segamat Methodist Church | Segamat, Johor | Sunday evening service | 7pm

18th June | Penang FGA Church | Penang | Saturday evening service | 7pm

19th June | Penang First AOG | Penang | Sunday Service | 9am

26th June | Tawau (TBA) | Sabah | Sunday AM Services

2nd July | Canaanland Basel Church | KK Sabah | Evangelistic Outreach Concert | Saturday | 7pm

3rd July | Glory Christian Centre | KK Sabah | Sunday Service | 10am

3rd July | New Life Church | KK Sabah | Sunday evening service | 7pm



20th Feb | Church of Singapore Balestier | Evangelistic Outreach Concert | Saturday | 7pm

21st Feb | Bethesda Cathedral | Sunday Service| 9:30am

6th March | Grace Assembly of God | Sunday Services | 9am & 11:15am

26th March | ELIM Singapore | Evangelistic Outreach Concert | Saturday | 7pm        

27th March | ELIM Singapore | Sunday Services | 8am & 10:30am

29th May | Emmanuel AOG Church | Sunday Services | 9am, 10:30am & 3:00pm



25th Feb | St Margaret Church | Seria | Young adults meeting | Thursday | 7pm

26th Feb | St Margaret Church | Seria | Evangelistic Outreach Concert | Friday | 7pm

28th Feb | St Andrew’s Church | Bandar Seri Begawan| Sunday Service | 7:45am & 10am



14&15th May | Indonesia (TBA) | Jakarta | Sunday Services



14th Feb | Bread of Life Church | Auckland | Sunday Service | 10am

13th March | Chinese Anglican Mission Church | Wellington | Sunday Service | 9:30am

20th March | Christchurch Chinese Methodist Church | Christchurch | Sunday Service | 10am

20th March | Christchurch Chinese Church | Christchurch | Sunday Service | 9am & 11:15am

3rd April | Bread of Life Church | Auckland | Sunday Service | 10am

10th April | Hamilton Mandarin Church | Hamilton | Sunday Service | 10am

5th June | Bread of Life Church | Auckland | Sunday Service | 10am


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  1. Victor G is really a Great, truly devoted and highly motivated Christian. I attended his service on 24/1/2016 and the way he carries his songs are evident of his love for our Divine God.

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