Militant Anointing – Part 2

22 Sept 2013 by Donna Uning CM-


Pr Julius Suubi, speaking from the Word of God given to him earlier to the church of Kuching, continued his talk about the militant anointing.

The second face that Ezekiel saw was that a face of a lion. The bible says that Jesus Christ is the lion of the tribe of Judah. “God has a lion dimension about Him. There’s a lion in your life; tell yourself that ‘I carry a lion!’ There is a lion inside your life that is the lion of the tribe of Judah.”


1 Chronicles 12:8

Some Gadites defected to David at his stronghold in the wilderness. They were brave warriors, ready for battle and able to handle the shield and spear. Their faces were the faces of lions, and they were as swift as gazelles in the mountains.


Are you fit for battle? Men that are fit for prayer, fit for intercession, that’s the men that came to David. They have faces of lions, not faces of a sheep. “Look at the face of your neighbor and ask, what does your face look like?” If you have a face of a sheep, the lion will eat you. The bible says, the men that joined David, they have faces of lions. “I pray that God will raise an army in Kuching that has faces of lions,” he said, “So, that the devil will look at your face and flee.”



Working the crowd at the Prayer School, Blessed Church, Kuching
Working the crowd at the Prayer School, Blessed Church, Kuching


God is raising up a church that is a resemblance to David’s army. There are two characteristics of David’s army. David was a worshipper, he loved to worship the Lord, and he connected with God through worship. But, David was also a warrior. He was a worshipper and a warrior. When David was worshipping the Lord, he humbled himself. He wrote so many psalms. But when David faces Goliath, he has no time for worship; it is time for war. It is time to fight. “That is the kind of church that will overcome the power of darkness. A church that knows how to worship God in spirit and in truth; and a church that knows how to fight the battles, has a face of lion.”


The pastor likened the lions in the zoo to the western chickens. In Africa, you see a real lion. When it roars, all animals begin to get baffled. Lions roar with authority. They are not the fastest, biggest, or strongest but is the king of the jungle. What makes a lion to be a king of the jungle? It is the attitude of the lion, an attitude of a conqueror. A lion never fears other animals. If a lion sees an elephant, it does not see a big animal, it sees breakfast, lunch.


“Child of God, you need to have an attitude of a lion.  I don’t know what challenge you’re facing but you are more than a conqueror in the name of Jesus,” he said. “You may have cancer today, don’t fear the cancer. You will overcome the cancer in the name of Jesus! You may be in a financial situation, don’t fear the financial challenge. You are a lion!” Because the lion of the tribe of Judah is in you, you shall overcome!


“Listen to me church of Kuching, no matter what is happening right now, the church of Christ in Kuching shall take over! He shall take over! Hallelujah! Because you are lions, you must begin to roar in the city, begin to roar in this nation,” he said.


You must not fear, begin to walk like a lion, walk confidently. Stop walking like you’re going to fall. Come to the throne of praise with boldness and prayer. Stop praying mediocre prayers! You must put on the face of lion when you face the devil, he said. Open your eyes because the fire is in your eyes, not in your hands. The church is praying feeble prayers.


“We must be bold like lions, we must be courageous, we must not fear! Hallelujah! You must tell the devil ‘come out from the city of Kuching! I’m not going to die before my time, I refuse to die! I will live! You have no power over my children; my children shall not take drugs in the name of Jesus! There’s no divorce in my marriage! My church shall grow!’”



Pr Julius Suubi and Pr GT Lim
Pr Julius Suubi and Pr GT Lim


“Receive the fighting spirit! We are fighters! We are warriors!” he called. Men and women, they are full of fire! Tell your neighbor you are a lion! We are going to take Kuching for Jesus! We are going to take Malaysia for Jesus! We are going to overcome the power of darkness in Sarawak, Sabah, and West Malaysia. We are going to overcome the power of darkness because we are the army of God. We are going to take the nations for Jesus because we are full of power, fire, and the anointing of the Holy Ghost.


Lions have a powerful attitude. The church of God is not feeble. When Jesus died on the cross, He never said, ‘I am finished.’ He said it is finished.


“Before we are raptured, the devil is going to pray we are raptured,” he said because we are going to cause problems for the devil. “When we begin to pray, I want us to pray like lions, not like people who are going to die,” he said telling some people are praying to die and go to heaven. “Jesus did not come to take refugees to heaven.”


Lions, they pack in a team, that’s why it’s called the pride of lions.  “That’s why the church has to be united. The lion pack controls territories. We need to be united. A lion never eats a fellow lion. The law of lion says a lion must not eat another lion. “Tell your neighbors, stop eating me!”


In church, we are busy eating each other and gossiping.  Lions go for vision; they don’t go for small things. That’s why they don’t eat rabbits. It is a waste of time chasing a rabbit and not getting satisfied after. A lion calculate the opportunity cost. Why are you chasing after very small things? Stop chasing for small things, let’s chase for the nation. “As we pray for the nation, God will give us the desires of our hearts. Stop wasting time; pray for the nation, pray for the city, the church, the nations and God will give you the desire of your heart,” he said. Hallelujah!


“Some of you, when prayer time comes, you run away,” he said telling, “You fear to pray and end up not getting the anointing.” The bible says the ox is a very hardworking animal; that was the other face of God.


The ox works hard. What it means is prayer is at work. Many people do not pray because of laziness. “Laziness is a demon,” he said. Some people prayed for 10 minutes but felt like they’ve prayed for 45 minutes. All people here have watches, but nobody has time for prayer. “That’s why I said prayer is at work. You need to wake up in the morning when you are still fresh. You give your best when you are fresh,” he told.


“Young men and ladies, all of you must become intercessors because you have a lot of energy,” he said to pray at least three hours. Put your whole life in the prayer.


“I enjoy prayer and pray all kinds of styles. Sometimes I dance when I pray,” he said demonstrating his moves. “Prayer must be exciting.” Many do not come for prayer meetings because there is no fire. The prayers go round and round and everyone comes out tired. “That’s why in our prayer meetings, everybody has to pray,” he said. “Prayer is an exciting experience. The bible says the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”


Pr Julius Suubi was in Kuching for a five-day Prayer School leading to Malaysia Day. He was speaking at the Blessed Church, Kuching.



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