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When mankind needed beds to birth

Mary had a Manger ready on earth

All planned by God The Father Above

For His Only Son for Whom His Love


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Was and is and shall be shared though

The Child is Lord of all Kings and more.

Jesus Christ!  His Love for us all

Beckons us as He hears our call.




He is King with a  Universal Crown.

He lifts us up when we are down

Jesus, Your Presence, My Lord

Brings peace and ectscasy lured




By  Your Grace on us with intensity.

Your Love fills our hearts’ desire

To see You alight in White Attire.

Hallelujah! Here comes Our Sire!




Christ is born to save us now and then ,

Peace on earth and good will to men!

You are good forever till  end of time.

 Father ,Son and Holy Spirit, God Sent!


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