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From eternity, God interrupted
The universe He created
Man from dust He made
Into him, the Spirit breathed

Freedom to man, He gave
Fallen man, He had to save
Again He interrupted
Blood from animal slaughtered

Abraham was contented
But God interrupted
Calling him out of his home
Leading him to a land of his own


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Isaac, Jacob and the 12 tribes
God’s protecting hand to guide
The apple of His eye, He called them
Blessings or curses, how we treat them depend

Under the Egyptians, His people suffered
Again He interrupted
Rescuing them from slavery
Led by Moses, a man of bravery


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A people ruled by kings and judges
Obstinate and rebellious
Yet God kept His covenant
Despite their behavior, He is the constant

Four hundred years of silence
Into the darkness, came the brilliance
God interrupted yet again
Bringing healing to a world in pain

A young couple betrothed to be married
A child conceived of the Spirit she carried
The promised Savior was in God’s mind
Dying on the cross to redeem mankind


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May you be drawn to Christ this Christmas
Without Him, life is meaningless
Let Him rule in your heart
A subject of His Kingdom, be a part


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NOTE: Chui En describes himself as an observer of life, expressing it in poetry and prose. From 1988 to 2004, he globe-trotted with his family for an oilfield service contractor through Asia, Middle East, Europe and United States. His passion and calling is to empower the poor through business for transformation, which he actively engages in, on a pro bono basis. He is also a founding member of The Encubator, which seeks to raise up and multiply biblical entrepreneurs for the marketplace.


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