Faithful Friend Forever

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As Anna entered the hall she felt

A gust of wind blowing towards her.

She thought she saw someone enter.

She was amazed and felt strange.


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She imagined Jesus was next to her.

Then she thought she was dreaming .

“No, you are not. I am here and real.

 So you have returned to me, finally.”




She heard a Voice, not so audible.

” I followed you, all the way till now.”

I blinked and was speechless, scared.

He knew me even before I was born.


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He is The Lord of all that is on earth.

He is The Almighty God in Heaven!

He is Father to each of us children.

He is Our Friend, Jesus of Nazareth.




As I realized at last of His Presence ,

The King of Kings just vanished thus!


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