Your Holiness

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When I see in the dark the moon,

And the clouds in the day, I swoon.

As all Works of Yours , O my Father,

Is the Mighty Valour of  no  other

But You My Lord, Master of Universe.




Majesty in The Highest in Adverse.

Your  Holy Spirit , Lord, transfoms

Mind which achieves proclamation

That only My God, none else instills

What Your Holiness can accomplish !


As You look at us, Jesus , we bloom

Like lilies daily in Your Sanctuary,

Pure and white with Your Godliness.

Bless us O God as You soar higher

Above as we glorify You  O Almighty.


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Give us the power to share Your Way

Of removing sickness without a tear.

For You are Healer of all mankind

Who needs no weapons but a Word.


Jesus is Our Healer


Hallelujah!Jesus Christ, we are free.

 We are children in Your Divine Spree.


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