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2 Aug 2013 by Mindy Oon CM-


Many times when we hear the word testimony, we think that we have nothing to share because we do not have one of those incredible ‘life testimonies’ where God saved us from the brink of death. While testimonies such as these definitely tell of the goodness and faithfulness of God, short testimonies such as the following will also touch your heart. God is interested in every part of our lives, and even a simple touch or word from God can change a person’s life.


Here are a collection of testimonies from different people:


God Healed My Daughter

My eight year old daughter, Nitya, had frequently been ill since birth. She always feel restless and uneasy, showing signs of asthma. Nitya was frequently admitted to the hospital and was often absent from school due to her sickness. One daywe decided to pray for her at a prayer meeting in the  'FGA Bercham Tamil Outreach' at 'Tadika Si Comel.' The next morning, Nitya was found sitting on her bed smiling with a happy face. She told me that she had no more problem breathing and no more pain. 

– Parames from FGA Bercham Tamil Outreach


God's Timing is Perfect

I study in UTAR, Kampar, and one day when I was heading out to pick a friend for lunch I suddenly felt like I needed to ask someone I didn’t usually go out with to join me. While I was hesitant, I sent her a text. It was 1.40 PM at that time. The person replied in distress saying she had a presentation at 2 PM and her car wasn’t working. She and her group mates  (who are not believers)  were stuck. It was great timing as I had recently met her group mates when we played captain ball, and just like that had them realize the power of prayer and the power of God. God’s timing in everything is perfect

– Keeran from Gen 1 Church Kampar


Keeran - Gods timing is always perfect!


God is My Provider

God is my provider. When we started our computer business, we had only RM4000 as capital, and I worked from my home. At that time, the economy was at a downturn, but God blessed my business tremendously. Today our sales turnover has reached 7 figures. My boast is in the Lord Jesus who made this possible for us. One morning, when no orders were received at all, by faith I prayed to the Lord, claiming that He is our Provider. Sure enough He gave me an idea on how to promote computer ribbons. When I shared this with my customers, a lot of them corporate and offices, responded and purchased from me. God will give you the power to gain wealth and He will teach you how to make a profit.

– Pamela Loh from FGA Ipoh


Pamela and her Husband -God will provide!
Pamela and her Husband


His Presence is Real

In the beginning of 2012, I went for the Emerge Camp organized by Youth Infuse. During the camp, I was very much touched by God’s presence which was so strong. In every worship session, I shed tears, engulfed in His peace and presence. The camp was so much fun but nothing beats his presence for me. On the last day of the camp, I had a migraine due to lack of sleep. I ignored it and joined in the activities. But during the worship session the next morning, my migraine disappeared without my realization! Where did my migraine go to? I realized that God had just healed me instantly. All glory to our God!

– Choong Ming Li from Infuse Youth


Ming Li (second from left) with some other youths from her youth group
Ming Li (second from left) with some other youths from her youth group


 A happy tummy means a happy baby!

This may sound funny, but it shows us how God is interested even in the tiniest thing in our lives. When my son Judah was a baby, he would get a little constipated every now and then. As a new mom, I would constantly monitor how many days he didn’t do his ‘poo poo’ and worry if he was uncomfortable in any way.  Hoping to ease the constipation, I would give him fruit juices but it never worked. In the end,  I decided to just lay hands on his little tummy and commanded all the ‘poo poo’ to come out. And five minutes later, we had a dirty nappy. This didn’t just happen once. And by the second time it happened, we knew that we just need to lay our hands and pray for him and God would take care of His little one.

– Mindy Oon from FGA Ipoh


Baby Judah - A happy tummy means a happy baby!
Baby Judah


Whether our needs are big or small, God cares! And whether our testimonies are long or brief, it can be a story that someone needs to hear. Amen?


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