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2 Aug 2013 by Adeline Lum CM-


On 27 of July, close to 30 patrons of the Bernard Bistro at Centrepoint One Utama got to dine in for free, basking in the rich gospel music brought by Yesudas and Rev. M V Muthu’s talented family.

Organized by the Full Gospel Businessmen (FGB) fellowship, the evangelical event started with worship, followed by a powerful sharing by Charlie Yeo and Rev Muthu.


Sharing of testimonies in Bernard Bistro, Centrepoint


Testimony of Charlie Yeo

Takes One to Save a Household

What started as an unexpected meeting with clients turned out to be a gift of salvation for Charlie Yeo.

An insurance agent, Charlie visited the church for the first time with his colleague, in hope of finding new policy holders. A few weeks later, he found himself passing by the church again on a Sunday morning. 'This is an opportunity to meet up with my newfound clients," thought Charlie.

But the most peculiar thing happened after service. During the altar call, he found himself stepping forward although nobody pushed him from the back. 


Yesudas and Charlie Yeo (right side)


"Brother, don't push me," he would call behind his shoulders but no one was pushing him. That happened for the second altar call. And when the third altar call came, he walked right up the the pastor who asked him, "Are you here, my son, to accept Jesus?"

He could only nod, shocked with his proactivity. The pastor told him, "Now, you are the child of God."

After he accepted Christ in 1984, he returned home thinking whether he made the right decision. A friend gave him a Bible, which he left on the table. But when he returned, the Bible had opened itself, where the verse ‘John 15:16’ caught his eyes.

John 15:16

You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name that Father will give you.


At that time, he knew that God is real. Later, he went for water baptism on May 1985, where he came out of the pool filled with the Holy Spirit. Pulling the two other elders down with him into the pool, he shouted Galatians 2:20, despite not having read the Bible from cover to cover.

Galatians 2:20

I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.


Hence, on that day, his life changed from being a drinker and a chain smoker who coughed out black phlegm. But after he accepted Christ, he prayed to God, “If you heal me, I will serve you for the rest of my life.”


Yesudas and talented family of Rev Muthu


A week later, he began to cough out white phlegm instead, a sign of full restoration of his health! Charlie was touched and decided to serve God full-time in the FGBMF and also in the church ministry in joy.

Nevertheless, his father had a strong faith of another religion, which he believed should be passed down to his children.

“My father was angry because I was the oldest son in the family. He asked, ‘who will carry the flag when I die?’” said Charlie.

His father took a chopper to chase him out of the house. Bolting out with own his family out of home; he never stepped into his house again since 1985. Charlie became the black sheep of the family, receiving no inheritance of his father’s property and EPF.

“I worked my way up. To me, I believed that if God is with me, who can be against me? I will prosper and not die of hunger,” said Charlie who’s hunger for God drove him to study and graduate from Bible College Malaysia (BCM) in 2006 and The School of Acts in 2012.


Eddy Yong praying for healing for a dear sister-in-Christ


And when his sisters went to United States to study, both of his parents also left Malaysia with them. But after five years, his father’s favorite daughter sent him back to Malaysia due to his hot temper and grumpiness

“My father grew heartsick and developed a heart problem. He became very ill and  he was not very happy,” said Charlie.

Charlie’s father had been staying with his second brother. But his second brother decided to send his father to the old folks’ home due to his father’s poor health condition. Also, having a dying person at home is a bad omen according to his brother.

But Charlie’s father desire to die at home; he was furious with his brother for forbidding his wish. Although his illness worsened day by day, he did not want to meet Charlie. But one day, when Charlie visited him, he said to Charlie, “Now I know who my good son is.”


Patrons of Bernard Bistro who came to dine and listen


“I cried quietly and comforted my father that all his sons and daughters were good to him. And I prayed for him to have peace,” said Charlie.

His father still earnestly desire to go home and die in peace. Hence, he was furious with Charlie’s brother and would swear spiteful words at him.

“I told my father, ‘Dad, they are all your sons. Why do you have to say such things?’ So, I prayed for him and rebuked what he had sworn upon my brother and his family,” said Charlie.

“The Bible clearly showed us that we must honor the words of our father and mother. I believe that whatever our parents say, they will come to pass. Hence, we must respect our parents,” he added.

His father passed away in the old folks’ home that very night. Six months later, his brother had cancer in the lungs. He went to all sorts of temples for spiritual healing except for Jesus Christ.


Acceptance of the gift of salvation


Charlie asked his brother, why not try Jesu?. His brother accepted Christ at church and was completely healed from cancer according to the medical examination! But because of his demanding business, the cancer returned to two of his lungs this time.

“When we sent him to the hospital, he was in a serious condition and gasping for air during his last breath. I saw tears streaming down his cheeks. I knew he was not happy to leave,” said Charlie.

The pastor came and told Charlie to pray and to rebuke the spirit of death. His brother returned and gasped for air again. This time, Charlie prayed for God to take his brother away in peace. Slowly, his brother stopped struggling and closed his eyes with a peaceful smile before dying. Charlie knew that the Lord took his brother away in peace.


Another sister being prayed for


“My mother asked me why my brother acted that way. I told her that he has returned to the Father in Heaven,” said Charlie to his mother’s disbelief.

Charlie prayed that his brother would give her a dream when she returned to the States. Three weeks later, she saw his late son in her dream, rushing into the house to take something before leaving in a hurry.

“My mother asked my brother where he is going. He told my mother that he was going to his Father’s house. She also said that my brother looked good and healthy. That was when she began to believe in Christ,” said Charlie.

Three years later, his mother accepted Jesus Christ and even became the Marriage Counselor in one of the International Christian Church in United States. When his mother accepted Jesus, all his sisters and their husbands also came to Jesus. What a joy!

“We need to believe that when one is saved, the whole household will be saved!” said Charlie. Keep praying and never give up in believing that Jesus would save your household!


Testimony of Rev Muthu

Dr Jesus Healed My Mother

Next, Rev Muthu shared his story of how the Lord healed his mother from her terminal disease. Calling Jesus Christ as ‘Doctor Jesus’, the doctors were stunned to see his mother’s cancer all disappearing. (Read more)


Rev Muthu


During the sharing, the patrons of the restaurants sat and listened intently to the messages by Charlie Yeo and Rev Muthu, accompanied by the FGB members.

Would you like to talk about Jesus over lunch? Come bring your non-believing friends to an evangelistic lunch held by FGB. Their next meeting will be held on the last Saturday of August.


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Reference of pictures:

A few pictures were contributed by Rick Loh, member of FGBMF

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