A Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving at Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam

CCM crowd

24th Sept. 2012  by  Natasha Kim ,  CM –

CCM crowd

The 50th anniversary of Malaysia on September 16th saw a strong crowd of about 1500 people coming together from many different Churches to usher in the year of the Jubilee and for prayer and thanksgiving at Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam. This special event was organized by the Council of Churches of Malaysia Youth (CCM Youth) under the leadership of the President, Bishop Datuk Dr. Thomas Tsen of The Basel Christian Church in Malaysia and the rest of the CCM board members.

This day is important because it was the joining of Sabah and Sarawak, a day where Malaysia was formed officially. Since the birth tremendous progress and changes took place, and currently Malaysia is at its cross-road.  We see a lot of need to improve in the government, in elections, and in the whole nation and that is why thousands gathered to pray.

The event started out with the flags parade and torch run by the Run Nat Team before beginning the call to worship. The reading of Leviticus 25 : 8 to 55 was also read in English , Mandarin and Bahasa . Later the  General Secretary of CCM ,  Rev Dr Herman Shastri came on stage and open with a word of prayer .

It was followed by performances from many different music groups as well as dance performances from the many Churches involved. At the event there was of course, many unique prayers made as well such as, a prayer for the states, for the nation, for the generations, for the family, for the lost, for the poor and needy, for the children and many more where many different people from all walks of life including children and a few Pastors that came up on stage to pray their specific prayers while everyone else at the stadium listened and prayed along. Furthermore, included was a prayer for the migrants and ex-offenders and prisoners.

Tenors for Christ performing at the Jubilee Prayer Celebration

During the event the stadium was flooded and radiating with energy coming both from the stage and from the crowd of people as they united as one for a bigger purpose. There was also a special performance made by the Tenors for Christ which comprised of the the talented trio of Victor Chua, Tom Tan and Joshua Lee. When it came close to the end, together everyone voiced out scripture readings and the Lord’s Prayer. Then, finally came the end, which was the time of release, where everyone made their commitment to holiness. In order to make that commitment, it is said that all of us need to break away from the past and shine a light on corruption.

Dance performance

According to CCM, The Bible describes the 50th year as a Jubilee year (Leviticus: 8 – 55). They believe that many will be restored this year and released so that there will be justice, equity and freedom for all. We are reminded that we should seek, freedom and hope for the hungry and homeless,  for harmony and mutual respect among all the people, for righteousness and integrity in government and society  and of course peace and economic prosperity for the nation. Many different Christians served as a witness to our nation on this day and it says to the people that Christians are willing to take responsibility in their own hands to work together as Malaysians to promote a culture of justice and peace.

Praise the Lord.