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6 March 2013 by Adeline Lum CM-


Christian burial grounds had been depleting especially in Klang Valley. Foreseeing this problem, the bishops of Lutheran church quickly formed a task force 20 years ago to find a solution, in which Lee Wei Min was handpicked to form a strategist team. Now, he is the manager of the Subang Lutheran Garden, a Christian cemetery under the appointment of Lutheran Church in Malaysia and Singapore (LCMS).

And on March 1st, Lee Wei Min was invited as a speaker for the FGB chapter in Jaya One headed by Chapter President, Jason Tan. So, how did he end up in managing this important business of death?


From left to right- Jason Tan, Lee Wei Min, Vernon Lai


“Not all Christians are rich. Some of us cannot afford a burial ground. Also, sadly… many burial grounds of Christians were desecrated to make way for condos,” said Wei Min.

The Lord’s hand blessed them with this land and thanks to Wei Min’s business wits acquired from work; he was able to raise funds to build the cemetery starting from scratch. Also, by using an advanced pre-cast system, the cemetery aesthetics and affordability were both achieved.

“The Lord’s hand is in it. One thing I realized about people who came for the burials is that they were calm and peaceful. When you walk in the cemetery, you can feel the Lord’s presence is there,” said Wei Min.


Living Life like Everyone Else

Brought up in a non-Christian family of 11 siblings, he grew up in a village with quite a colourful childhood of competition between siblings. His father was the headman of the village and allowed missionaries from United States to provide the village weekly medical services and Sunday school which Wei Min would attend every week. And at 21 years old, Wei Min was baptized.


Everyone worshipping God in FGB!

Lee Wei Min


“I knew about Christ since a young age. So, I don't really have any dramatic testimonies today. But what I can tell you is that there is no short cut in life,” said Wei Min.

Before God touched his heart, he was contented with having a ‘comfortable’ Christian life, whereby he got married and worked really hard.

Close to 60 years old and semi-retiring now, he recalled having exposed to all kinds of temptations in his work, which made being a Christian even tougher. From his working experiences, he learned the value of finding money that is righteous in the eyes of the Lord.

“I started a lot of companies. We made some money. We also lose a lot of money. To me, the money lost was not righteous. You win, but you also lose a lot,” said Wei Min.

Indeed, proverbs 1:19 says ‘such is the end of all who go after ill-gotten gains; it takes away the lives of those who get it.’

Also, business and entertainment go hand-in-hand in the secular world as he recalled having many Japanese clients.

“In the Japanese culture, men worked very hard. To the Japanese wife, if you come home early, you’re not a good husband. Hence, I also tend to come home late and neglected my family- my wife and two sons,” said Wei Min.


Nominal Christian No More

Although he was a Christian, he did not have joy and strength, something he noticed in the brothers attending the FGB. First invited to FGB by Brother Tan Tek Seng, God touched him in a national FGB camp, where his pride of past successes was stripped off. Breaking down and cry, he never looked back ever since and received the blessing of tongues by the Holy Spirit. Since then, he had been involved in many church positions, working alongside bishops.

Also, many of his working skills and experience are worthy in His work for the Lord, including the management of Subang Lutheran Garden currently. Indeed, God doesn’t waste the skills and experiences we acquired over work.


Meeting People who Bid Farewell to Loved Ones

Because Wei Min witnessed death every day, he understood the reality of the short time we have now on earth. Hence, he saw the urgency of sharing the gospel.


Lee Wei Min


“I say capitalized on what you know. There was one family whose husband passed away and his wife was not a Christian. But his children and in-laws were all Christians. The son revealed to me how hard it was to share the gospel with the mother. So, I capitalize on my Hakka tongue and preached the gospel to her in Hakka because she only knew Hakka,” said Wei Min.

He told her that her husband has now returned to praise the Lord in Heaven. Married for 60 over years, he then asked her where she is going after death.

“She started crying and asked me what to do. And I just led her to the sinner’s prayer and that was five minutes with the Lord’s leading. Evangelism is not hard. In FGB, you can do one-to-one evangelism or in a banquet sort of style,” said Wei Min.

Indeed, God has placed Wei Min at a vulnerable juncture of bidding farewell to loved ones.

After a heartfelt sharing, Jason Tan closed the FGB chapter in Jaya One in prayer that we would be bold in sharing the Good News at our work place and home. Everyone adjourned to a delightful sharing over lunch after the FGB.



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