Your Scars will Become Stars. Where Personality, Interest, Skills, and Values Collide—Jessy Goay

Jessy Goay

5 Dec 2014 by Adeline Lum CM-


Married to her fiancée Sean Ho, Jessy Goay is a celebrated singer for the past six years, known for her soulful voice in wedding gigs and corporate events. Despite her successful singing career, she felt a gaping hole in her heart. 

“I feel like something is missing. It started two years ago; I said to myself, “I can’t go on. I cannot live this life for the rest of my life.

“I have no intentions to become an album singer. There are a few who approached me so that we can produce an album together. That excites me a little.

“But when I am alone and think about the idea, it scares me. I feel that something is missing but I just don’t know what it is. Why can’t I imagine myself as a singer?” said Jessy who was later advised by her pastor to take a career assessment by Crown Financial Ministries.


Jessy performing on stage
Jessy performing on stage


When she got her assessment back, she found out what she was missing!

“When I read the report, the very last part showed my value and it said that I what I wanted in my job is something that I can help people directly. And I was like, ‘This is it!’

“The reason I am feeling so dry and meaningless amidst this thriving career as a singer is that I don’t get to help people directly. But I want to know that I am making a change in people’s life,” said Jessy.

The test reaffirmed her vested interest in counseling, which she began during her college days in University Malaya. But due to financial challenges, she quit her college to begin her singing career and to support her family.

“I get a handsome pay. It feels like an easy job and you make easy money. But you do that for five to six years and you come to the point, ‘Do I want to do this for the rest of my life?’ But what can I do besides singing?” said Jessy.


Jessy (2nd from left) with her husband Sean (1st from left) with her friends in the 30-hour famine camp in UCSI
Jessy (2nd from left) with her husband Sean (1st from left) with her friends in the 30-hour famine camp in UCSI


After the career assessment, many of her church friends reaffirmed her inherent gift from the Lord in counseling. They told her how they felt comfortable in confiding in her with their problems.

Later on, her pastor asked her to join the ministry’s consultation training. She discovered her sweet spot—a place where her passion, talent, and skills finally collided!

“During the training, I feel that this is the best decision I have ever made because I can actually see that God wired people in a unique and different way.

“I had been asking God, ‘God, I want to live in your Will. Show me Your Will.’ But I don’t see God answering me in a very specific and assured way.

“But during the training, it really taught me you have to come back and ask yourself, ‘What God has given you?’ God has given everyone very special talents. And these talents, God has prepared for us to do good works.

“And our responsibility is to find that talent and put it into good use. Be a faithful servant with the talent. Make it grow. If you’re focused enough, you will shine and the world will see. And you will give glory to Him,” said Jessy.


Jessy and her husband Sean
Jessy and her husband Sean


She realized many people would tell God what they want to do. But they focused on what they do not have. What God would ask them is: “What have I given you? Use that.”

When she first accepted Christ, Jessy mused how she thought God’s Will for everyone is to be a missionary in the jungle.

“What I learned is God’s Will is embedded in our unique design, which is our personality. In reality, there’s no good or bad personality. You are wired this way because God has prepared you for something,” said Jessy.

Apart from personality, the career assessment also explores one’s interest. If we love what we do, we do not need any force or external motivation to do something.

“It was the report that reminded me actually, I am very interested in counseling. When I looked back, I will always go to the self-help area in the bookstore and explore relational issues.


Jessy and her friends
Jessy and her friends


The assessment also explores one’s skills, which are vital to make your career a reality. Finally, it reveals one’s values as well, which is most important because values touch on what you believe in.

So, in the past five months, she found joy in consulting people from all walks of life—working adults and college students—about their life. Witnessing them change in countenance brings her the greatest satisfaction.

“People tend to forget what God has given them. They will always look at what they don’t have. So, what we do is that we help them to see they have all this. These are the resources you have.

“And with the limited time we have here on earth, do you want to spend your time in those areas you do not like or you want to make a change?” said Jessy—a certified career consultant of Crown Financial Ministries currently—who has helped people in the last five months transition in their careers while taking into account of their finances.

“So, it’s very rewarding. I am still a singer but I feel that since I become a consultant, counselling makes me a better singer as I keep upgrading myself by going to counseling school.

“Also, in consultation, we want to encourage people to integrate things together. I don’t need to stop singing. But since I love sharing and helping people, I will look around for people who need my help,” she added.


Jessy performing on stage
Jessy performing on stage


Through her knowledge in counseling, she became more self-aware of her deep-seated fears, known by closely listening to her heart. For example, Jessy used to be afraid of meeting strangers. But being a consultant has helped her to listen to her heart.

“Instead of feeling scared and running away from the problem, I would say to myself, ‘Okay, now I feel uncomfortable and uneasy meeting people and I know that I am ready to run but this time, I will act differently.’

“I will ask myself—I will go deeper into my heart—‘Has this person done anything to cause me this fear or is this my problem?’ I want to change that fear to courage, so I need to look into my heart.

“When you have that self-awareness, you get to know yourself more, you will listen to your heart, and God will meet us there in our deepest place,” said Jessy.


Jessy Goay
Jessy Goay


This self-awareness has helped her to change some of her thinking habits, and helped others in changing their habits as well.

“Most of the people want overnight success. But since becoming a consultant—God has restored me—the way I see things is different; I no longer focus on the product or outcome.

“God showed me that it’s the journey itself and the improvements you made along the way, because it’s the journey that molds your character. I am learning to be faithful—to be responsible to what God has given me and I find more joy.

“We want people to know that your workplace should be your playground. It should bring you joy, purpose, and meaning. Your job must get you to create and bless people,” said Jessy.

Looking back, she believed that her current career is a beautiful arrangement by God. Two years ago, a pastor told her, “Many years later, many women will come to you an talk to you.”


Jessy and her family
Jessy and her family


And this year, during her church’s conference, the speaker who did not know her pointed at her onstage and said, “That lady who was worshiping—when I saw you—God sent me this vision, ‘Your scars will turn into stars.’” He told her that all the pain and betrayal she experienced would be turned into something good.

On that very night, Jessy was praying and suddenly she saw God’s hands in her life One-year prior to this camp, she was deciding to take up her interest in counselling.

“I must say this year is one of the most beautiful years in my life. I have been waiting for a moment when I feel alive again! I have been feeling spiritually dry in two years,” said Jessy.

With a gift of communicating to God through dreams, the Lord reaffirmed her by showing her a dream of seeing her counselling. 

“I want to tell people that your dream life is possible. And I also learn to focus. You feel like you want to be like everyone else. But at then end of the day, God wants us to be the best version of ourselves,” she added.


Jessy Goay is a Certified Consultant of Career Direct under the Crowns Financial Ministries. To find out more, contact her by 012-410-4258.


Jessy and her friends
Jessy and her friends


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