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8 Apr 2014-


“It felt like electricity, it felt real, it was the love of God…I just knew at that moment the power of worship,” said Chris Quilala, who shared how he knew God’s calling for him to be a worshipper. Many young adults came to City Harvest Church, Kuala Lumpur, to listen to Pr Banning Liebscher (director of the Jesus Culture team), Skyler Smith, and Chris Quilala sharing about their love for Christ through music.


Chris Quilala (left) with Skyler Smith
Chris Quilala (left) with Skyler Smith


Pr Banning particularly shared about how our secret relationship with God developed in us from within, in our inner and hidden room. God grows the seed within us so that we can grow and extend strong roots into the ground, which ultimately grows into fruit that not only touch their own lives, but also the lives of people around them. He shared that revival and awakening is truly on its way if God’s people build their inner being with the Lord.


Pr Banning Liebscher
Pr Banning Liebscher


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