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16 Sept 2013 by Adeline Lum CM-


Dr Lim Chei Seng, a urologist from Sunway Medical Centre shared how he practiced godly values at work on Sept 5th in FGB Damansara Utama chapter.

Borned in Sungai Bakap in Penang, he accepted Christ in Form Three at a missionary school, St Michael’s Institution Ipoh. There, he knew how to quote the sinner’s prayer even before he was a Christian.


Dr Lim Chei Seng
Dr Lim Chei Seng


However, he did not grow spiritually until he moved to Sitiawan with his family, a place where the early Christian Fuzhou settlers influenced his faith. There, he had Christian teachers and seniors to mentor him under the Methodist Youth Fellowship (MYF).

Hence, his Christian journey continued to grow steadily in the Lord until the time he started working as a young adult in Ipoh. At that time, he was undergoing ‘low times’ in his faith due to the demanding hours of work required of a doctor.

But when he returned to Kuala Lumpur to train as a urologist, his faith started to grow again under the grace of God. Together with DUMC, he grew with the church from worshipping in a shop lot to worshipping in the Dream Centre currently.


Dr Lim Chei Seng
Dr Lim Chei Seng


“I have no regrets being a Christian and this has been 40 years already,” said Chei Seng thanking God for blessing his career and family. “Of course, I have my low moments… but sit back and don't be too active in fulfilling the demands of life.”

He likened a Christian life to a marathon; we must be careful to not overspend ourselves so that we can endure the race and pick ourselves up even when we fall. Hence, retreats in God are essential to complete the race.

“Some people are very driven. But for some of us here like me, we can get burned out and fall out. It’s better to run slowly and finish the race,” said Chei Seng.

Since a doctor typically work more than eight hours a day, here are THREE ways Dr Lim Chei Seng apply godly principles at his work:


1. I should treat my patients well, not only medically but also socially.

“If possible, show some care and empathy. Even a few kind words make people feel better.”

“Sometimes, doctors forget that and only focus on the medical side. But the person is a person, not a disease. If you treat the disease alone, it is not enough,” said Chei Seng.


2. I pray to the Lord for wisdom.

He prayed to God for wisdom, especially for complicated surgeries.

“Sometimes, I also feel the need to pray with the patients. When you know them well enough, they would allow and accept this prayer,” said Chei Seng.

And the Lord had been merciful in answering his prayers, allowing him to lead most of his patients into healing.

As for the more difficult patients, he would pray and fast one or two meals for the patient with a sincere heart and intention before God.


3. Trust in the Lord for the business.

“I do not fret over my business because I believe if the business is going to be mine, then it will be mine. We must never lose our trust in God,” said Chei Seng.

When times are busy, he would grasp them as an opportune time to treat and serve. But when times are quiet, he sees those times as an opportunity to retreat and recuperate in the Lord.

“You may make a lot of money but compromise your family ties. We must have time for ourselves, church, family, and other pursuits, not just our work or business,” he added.

Work-life balance is important to him; he would take time off to spend with his family, run errands, and play golf.


Dr Lim Chei Seng with brother Victor Liew and brother David praying for the attendees
Dr Lim Chei Seng with brother Victor Liew and brother David praying for the attendees


What wise words from Dr Lim Chei Seng; he is currently serving as a cell leader in DUMC and actively practicing godly values not only at home but also at work. While working, remember to make time for God and yourself too!


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  1. Dear Doc,

    So pleased tomknow ther are afew doctors with heart, my daughter had tissue injury from being rolled over by a car wheel, her foot was painful, and just because it didnt appear painful, a doctor of her own race treated heartlessly, until  4 doctors later, she was treated accordingly. I can tellmyou if a doctor behaves as a human with a heart, he will be blessed by patients and God. Thank you for being such a person.

    • Hello Evylin,

      Thank you for your sharing. We will be praying for the healing of your daughter. May you be blessed and comforted as well in taking care of your daughter.


  2. Dear Evylin,


    Thank you for your kind comments. I hope your daughter has fully recovered.

    We all need God's grace.

    God bless you and your daughter.


    Dr Lim

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