Being Real

February 26, 2017 Jason Law 0

  Have you ever felt that you don’t really know most of the people you come across in life? And this is not just when it comes to others. Many of us wear different masks […]

Towards Christlikeness

January 21, 2017 Jason Law 0

  2017 may seem like a challenging year but for Christians this is an exciting opportunity for us to step out and be the salt and light of our community, the way Christ has called […]

Multiplying Cell Groups DUMC-Style

October 7, 2016 Stephen Ng 0

  Using the Cell Church strategy in 1994 since its inception in 1980, DUMC worshipping at the Dream Centre in Section 13, Petaling Jaya has grown to about 5000 worshippers in weekly attendance. The English […]

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