Universal Laws

6 April 2013 by Rubina Rubeca-


The Universe is generally believed to have formed on its own through random processes which occurred over billions of years. Yet the observations of the components of our Universe seem to be pointing to a different understanding. It seems evident that the Designer has fine-tuned it and all of creation points back to Him. Even secular scientists have to admit that there is “something” behind these “random processes”.




“[There] is for me powerful evidence that there is something going on behind it all….  It seems as though somebody has fine-tuned nature’s numbers to make the Universe….  The impression of design is overwhelming.” (Paul Davies, Physicist)

Observations of the way the Universe works cause one to wonder why things are so and how all these laws seem to have a purpose to make life on Earth possible.

Why would life on earth only be possible within a particular distance to the sun, at a particular position of our solar system within our galaxy the Milky Way?




Why would life not be possible if there were no moon or if the total mass density of matter in the Universe were greater or lesser?

If the rate of expansion of our Universe were slightly faster or slightly slower, again, life would be impossible. Could it be that although we cannot ascertain that the Earth is the centre of the Universe as during the Ptolemaic era, it certainly is the very raison d’etre of the rest of the Universe?

Could it be that indeed, this Designer had in mind LIFE and therefore purposed all things to work towards it to be possible?

The laws of chemistry explain the physical structure of elements. If the constants ruling our Universe were to have the tiniest variation things would not be as they are today. Current human technology could not possibly engineer to achieve the degrees of precision we see in the Universe and the human mind cannot even fathom such incredible fine-tuning.

Bound by the laws of quantum physics, scientists are able to tell the characteristics of an atom by defining its outermost electrons. Chemistry is tied to the physics of matter. If the ratio of electrons to protons (1:1836) were larger or smaller, it would not be able to assist in the formation of molecules.

The formation of atoms is also tied to the electromagnetic coupling constant which is instrumental in the binding of electron and protons. Any larger, electrons would be too tight to bond and if smaller, electrons would be loose to form atoms.




Hence, the goldilocks effect: everything is tuned to be just right. The law of physics has been ingrained by God to form matter and the laws of chemistry to work just as how He willed it to be. (Image source: Merriam-Webster)

If the laws of the Universe were not constant, life as we know wouldn’t be possible. This is known as the anthropic principle, one of nature’s primary laws.

Even the law of biogenesis explains that life comes from life. Organisms produce organisms of their “kind”. The workings of Louis Pasteur show that life produces previous life. There are no other known exceptions which give a universal understanding of the formation of life.

Genesis 1 explains that God created all “kinds” of animals and they were to breed after their kind. Chance tells us that we were created by non-living chemicals and this goes against the law of biogenesis.



And the heavens will praise Your wonders, O Lord; Your faithfulness also in the assembly of the saints. (Psalms 89:5, NKJV)

As Christians, we can give glory to God, along with the heavenly hosts, for His extraordinary creation (Psalm 19; Psalm 115:1).

As we admire scientific discoveries, we learn that physical laws in the universe reflect God’s unchanging nature, His omniscience and His sovereignty over all things. All of creation has been beautifully designed by Him and has no other choice but to obey His decrees.

Nothing in the universe goes against what God has already set in place. Save the will of man. He has made it in such a way that all these laws work together to serve His purpose. 




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