8 Lessons from The World’s Happiest Couple

6 April 2013-


The May edition of Reader's Digest features a breezy article titled "Is Your Marriage Normal or Nuts?"


Don't answer just yet.


But within the piece is a short list detailing eight lessons from the "World's Happiest Couples." I'd like to share them with you and ask if you might add to it:


1. Kindness Helps: 74 percent of couples who said they were happy give each other back rubs.


2. It's Not Necessarily about the Looks: 20 percent of the happiest partners say they're not physically attracted to their spouse.


3. Similar Personalities Help: Of the 45 percent of people who say they have a lot in common with their spouses, 95% describe their relationships as extremely happy.


4. Keep Talking: 40 percent of the happiest couples say communication – more than friendship, affection, or even sex – is the most satisfying part of the relationship.



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