Tung Ling in Ipoh. Raising Full Time Workers

13th Sept 2012  ,  Mindy Oon , CM writer – 

Luke 10:2   Jesus said he unto them , The harvest truly is great , but the labourers are few.

While most of us are having our after work relax time, about twenty something students of Tung Ling seminary are in a classroom paying rapt attention and trying to take in as much of what the lecturer is saying. Tung Ling School of Ministry was brought to Ipoh in 2010 and the first batch of students would be completing the diploma course this year. Catered especially for working adults who are not able to go to Kuala Lumpur to attend the three month course, Tung Ling Ipoh divided the syllabus of three months into six weeks per year for three years.

Students in Tung Ling are trained to go deeper into the word of God by preparing and leading devotions and leading prayer time that is held at the start of every class. Tung Ling Ipoh aims to give students a fresh understanding of God’s character, and an established identity in Christ so that students are able to take hold of their calling with strength.


Class in progress


According to PastorToh Ai Ling, Ministerial Pastor of Canning Garden Baptist Church and administrator of Tung Ling Ipoh, there is a need for Christian education and Tung Ling offers holistic training through systematic teaching. Indeed, classes are taught by internationally known anointed lecturers who are dedicated in equipping students to function in their calling. Among the lecturers are Dr. Colin Hurt who has been in the ministry for more than 46 years, Dr. Neal Patterson who has pioneered several churches in New Zealand and established bible schools in Singapore and Indonesia, and Rev. Kindah Greening, Senior Minister of King’s Christian Center in the Gold Coast of Australia

Now in their third and final year, the first batch of students who have determinedly persevered through the three years will be graduating in September. Toh said it is encouraging to be able to see that the students now have a deeper understanding of God’s word as compared to when they first attended the course. She hopes that the students will continue to apply the knowledge that they have gained in this course throughout their lives, impacting and teaching others.


Graduation class of 2012


Asked if Tung Ling had any future plans in Ipoh, Toh said that they would continue promoting Tung Ling School of Ministry among churches in Ipoh and hopes that more would spend time learning and growing in the word of God. Also, a Chinese version catered to the Chinese community in Ipoh are in the works.

Those who are interested in joining Tung Ling School of Ministry Ipoh are encouraged to contact Pastor Toh at 012 5257956, or send an email to tunglingipoh@gmail.com for more information